Pokemon Google Maps location for Mew

How are you getting on with your Google Maps Pokemon Pokedex? Google’s April Fools Day 2014 event has captured everyone’s imagination it seems and has transformed into a much bigger event than just a mere joke.

Players are still frantically racing to find every Pokemon Google location, still with the belief that they can be the first to complete the Pokemon challenge before anyone else.

We can tell you that it looks like many players have already managed to find all Google Map Pokemon – 150 of them. However, there is a brilliant twist in store as Google has extended this event to the very hardcore fans out there.

Now we can confirm that the Google Maps Pokemon Pokedex will extend to 151, meaning that you can now go out and start looking for the Pokemon Google Maps Mew location. The elusive Pokemon appears to be hiding somewhere in Brazil, but we are not going to spoil it with the exact location.

We’ll let you enjoy the hunt, but just don’t spend the whole day trying to do it as others have done above – it’s just a fun challenge remember and certainly not worth getting upset about.

What we will tell you though is that you need to find all 150 Pokemon on Google Maps first, before you can start the search for Mew.

Let us know how you get on and if you have already managed to find Mew, completing your Pokedex. On a side note, tell us if you would like Google to continue to host this event, with a Pokemon Google Maps 2015 challenge.



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