Nexus 10 2014 Vs iPad Pro demand

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2014

Are you still holding on to the dream of seeing Google announce a Nexus 10 2014 release date this year? This dream looked to be all but dead and buried, but recently some new information has arrived suggesting that the Nexus 10 project is well and truly back on the cards.

We told you recently, that the official Nexus 10 product status had changed on Google’s Play Store listing. After initially being out of stock forever, earlier this week we saw that the Nexus 10 displayed the new status of ‘coming soon’.

As you can imagine, this sparked a frenzy from consumers who finally had suitable reason to get excited after months of silent treatment from Google.

Unfortunately though, it looks like the mind games are continuing. Although the status did definitely change, it looks like Google has already removed the listing from the Google Play Store.


Did Google accidentally reveal this new information earlier than intended? Don’t forget that Google I/O is coming up in May so we are definitely due some official Nexus 10 news from Google at the very least.

Meanwhile, we also wonder if this changes the perception of those consumers who are definitely planning to pick up the next iPad later in 2014. Heavy rumors suggest that this will be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but are you willing to cancel those plans if Google release a Nexus 10 after all?

Also bear in mind that we have already had additional reports suggesting that the Nexus 10 had been ‘cancelled’ in favor of a Nexus 8.9 tablet.

Let us know your thoughts on the wait for the Nexus 10. Is it still the tablet you desire so much in 2014, above any iPad and other tablet on the market?

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    I have the current N10 and love it. O use it for personal and business with a BT keyboard and Google Docs. I would get the N2 but am really interested in the 8.9. I will grab that and a N6 to replace my N4 which I will keep as a back up.

  • Work gave me an N10 and I really enjoy it. The swipeable keyboards I use make it so much more productive for meetings and email than those poor iPad users, hunting and pecking for keys. Android gets a bad rap for having too few tablet optimized apps, but most of my apps look great in 10 inches. I think there are still too few truly mature apps in many niche categories for Android– iOS still has the edge in overall app quality and quantity. The N10 also a little glitchier than my N4. However, these minor quibbles just reduce my experience from a 10 to an 8.

    I’ve been tempted to buy one for the house, but realistically I think that an N7 would be just as good (since I’m buying it for myself!) You get roughly equivalent power in a more hand-friendly package.

  • Frank Sevek

    Why don’t you check the Google Store before posting wrong information.
    The “coming soon.” was an April Fools joke and was changed 5 day ago to “we are out of inventory, check back soon.”
    I guess that makes you an April Fool just like your buddy at IBT.

  • Ricky Brunet

    I never owned the Nexus 10. I do own the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (and the Note 10.1 2014 edition & Note 8) and love them both. However, I also own the iPad Air and iPad Mini with retina display. But if I only had one choice for a tablet, I’m sorry, but that honor would definitely go to the iPad Air. True, you can’t do much customization and iOS 7 is somewhat boring. But my iPad never fails, stutters, lags. It works flawlesly for my needs. I am not a power user or use my tablets for work but I have replaced my personal laptop with my tablets. I think the Nexus line is a great concept but they haven’t reached the level of smoothness and reliability and beauty of the iPad. I am open to use any OS and I’m not married to any brand in particular. But for me, right now, the iPad Air is it.