GTA V 1.12 unlimited money without glitch

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2014

As we told you earlier on, the GTA V 1.12 update is now live on PS3 and Xbox 360. It is the first planned Spring update for the game, as future updates will finally give players the GTA V Heists release date that they have been waiting so long to play.

Unfortunately though, some of you have noticed that the GTA V 1.12 isn’t a major one. There are minor changes to tell you about, notably a new call for Lester with blind eye – allowing you to make the cops ignore any crime that you commit, for a price.

However, we have already spotted some other things following on from the patch, specifically what looks to be a legitimate GTA V 1.12 unlimited money glitch.

What we mean by legitimate is that you don’t need to use any GTA V cheats or glitches to make it possible, which is obviously good. Watch the video below and you’ll see the creator explain the method needed to make a lot of money in the game on the brand new update.

It involves the Potshot mission and if you play it on hard you can rack up the cash quickly. Watch the video, try it out for yourself and let us know how you get on.

Alternatively, tell us below if you have figured out any other methods to make money easily on the GTA V 1.12.

Remember that there is always a chance that Rockstar could remove this method at any moment so you may not want to wait around on this if you need cash.

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  • Micheal De Raemaeker

    Rooftop rumble is better, 75 to host, or join one of the many people hosting, have a grenade/RPG launcher equipped, pull up next to the hedges, climb up the planter, than the hedge, take cover (RB, 360), aim mid garage, far wall with the muscle car and four mercs take a shot (hit the car for best results, but be quick), aim towards the end of the garage (opposite direction of spawn) and hit the SUV with your GL/RPG

    Congratulations, you’ve taken out most of your competition in two* shots
    shoot (with regular weaponry) the Centre agents, work back up to the entrance and kill the three remaining mercs

    If you want to see it in action, shoot me a message on XBL, lvl 90 @ time of post

    XBL gamer tag THE_HIPP1E

  • yoshi saidit

    PSN: W8-2L8-M8
    RR needed, will be grinding RR once lvl 75. Let’s do this B4 R* takes RR away too..

    Its sad when they take things away. i seen no prob with coveted, pot shots, crystal clear out 2 and 3. i do however see a prob with less missions to choose from. most PSN glitches been fixed, some didn’t hurt ne1 but was fun to do.

    If we get enough ppl doin RR’s, I’ll make a crew just for that purpose. then later figure out what to do with the crew. Mic is cheap and useful. helps build bonds. plz use them.
    Friends are good to have in any game. so hmu

  • chris clark

    Roft top rumble is way faster and nearly double the money and 4500 RP

  • zachary

    I made over 9 million from playing rooftop rumble over and over

  • Nicole Crook

    This mission is removed n i agree rooftop rumble is the fastest way to make money but they might remove it to

  • udontknowme69

    Can’t wait till 4/19/14( release date for heists, which I know cuz I was in the closed beta)

    • Dosy Doo Doo

      Shut up fool

  • Brandon Sosa Herold

    No this is not the fastest way.roof top rumble is

  • I have a brain

    This particular method has been around for quite a while, patch 1.12 didn’t alter how it works. Whilst technically accurate, calling it an unlimited money method makes it seem better than it is. Every mission is an unlimited money method, as are many things in the game…..

  • casualgamer25

    3 minute mission ‘Rooftop rumble’ (Hard) payout $18,750. Don’t call contacts – Manual setup from interface: start – online – jobs – Host job – rock star created – rooftop rumble. Average payout per hour $200,000.

    • Derek

      Yep yep! I can run that sequence with my eyes closed. There’s not a quicker way to make money legitimately. They did patch it so the driver doesn’t leave the garage ( gotta love those guys at R*) but it’s still pretty quick.

      • Micheal De Raemaeker

        Not true, I’ve had that shmuck haul as out of the garage just the other day – decided to go solo with a tank for the hell of it (was just level grinding, didn’t really matter)

        Parked it out back, ran to the side with the hedges, and when I took all but the one guy down, he jumped into his car and took off – the kicker is he drove head first into the engine block and wedged the whole front underneath the tank, he never did that again ;P