Hearthstone app for iPhone, Android coming

Hearthstone has finally had its long awaited release on iPad. While Blizzard’s latest card game looks fantastic on the tablet, many consumers are obviously eager to see Blizzard deliver on their promise of a Hearthstone app release date for iPhone and Android.

Hearthstone has taken many by storm since its release on desktop. It may not have the popularity that World of Warcraft has at the moment, but with 10 million subscribers so far Hearthstone is well on the way to enjoying great success.

What would be even better though, is for Blizzard to finalize release information for Hearthstone on Android and iPhone. We already know that the mobile versions are coming, but Blizzard has been unable to offer a release date yet other than that it is coming sometime ‘in the future’.

For the hardcore fans, we have seen evidence that it is possible to get Hearthstone on the iPhone now, with a jailbroken device. Obviously, this is out of reach to most though so hopefully we’ll get some official details soon as this is merely a tease.

If Blizzard can release Hearthstone on iPhone and Android by the Summer, will you be happy to pay a subscription for the service?



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