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Galaxy S6 release with graphene probability

Last August it was reported that the use of graphene could make it to smartphones soon, but at that time rumors of it being used on the iPhone 6 were considered highly unlikely. 7 months later and there has been a breakthrough with graphene because one of its biggest issues was being able to make it large enough to use with devices like smartphones.

However, Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology has been able to overcome this issue so that it is now possible to grow a large enough area, and there is now talk that we could see graphene used on devices in 2015.

With news that this technology could be used on future smartphones it stands to reason why some of you will consider the possibility that the Galaxy S6 could make use of graphene, and we don’t blame you for coming up with this.

However, we still don’t think it is likely just yet because there is still a long way to go in the process. Okay, so Samsung may have overcome the issue with increasing its size, but what about the other issue, which is the biggest of all?

The issue with graphene being used on consumer products like the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that it is toxic. While it is not toxic on its flat surfaces, it is along its sharp edges, which means if you drop a device that makes us of graphene there is a chance that it could pierce cell membranes because of it being so sharp, and as a result disrupt normal cellular functions.

We could be way off the mark here because Samsung could have overcome such issues, and as a result could engineer the toxic element out?

Whatever way you look at it, graphene will become an important material for devices like the smartwatch and the smartphone, but we find it hard to believe that this recent breakthrough will be able to saturate the market by 2015.



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