Amazon Fire TV pairing with XBMC

By Alan Ng - Apr 7, 2014

If the launch of the Amazon Fire TV set top box wasn’t exciting enough, those who are thinking of buying the new product can also be very happy to hear that Amazon Fire TV with XBMC support is included as well.

Amazon Fire doesn’t just support XBMC, it runs the popular program natively which is great news for a lot of consumers out there. The powerful specs on the Amazon Fire make XBMC possible, along with the multiple skins too giving Amazon Fire even greater functionality than what you may have initially expected.

This also means that you can now look at Amazon Fire TV as a serious alternative to the likes of Apple TV, Rasberry Pi, Ubuntu and Chromecast.

A quad-core Qualcomm Krait 300 CPU is a massive deal for the set top media box space, so once again Amazon looks to have a winner on their hands – with the company already blowing the tablet market away with the affordable Kindle range.

To find out more about Amazon Fire TV pairing with XBMC, you should head to the official forum here where you will be able to discuss this possibility in greater detail.

Let us know what impression Amazon Fire TV has made on you so far. Can it and will it replace your current set up or not?

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  • Anom

    Having to side load xbmc, and users reporting green screen and hardware video decoding issues means this box is not the ideal platform (yet). Mr.Ng needs to actually collect some facts and research before publishing such clearly flawed articles.

    • evenmaddermax

      Those green screen issues are mainly happening on the regular Frodo and Gotham releases of XBMC. The XMBC for Ouya release works perfectly on the FireTV.


    it doesnt run it natively