2016 Ford Bronco price and interior

By Peter Chubb - Apr 7, 2014

If April Fools taught us one thing, it was that some of you out there did not find the 2016 Ford SVT Bronco prank funny because it is a vehicle they have been waiting for Ford to build for almost 20 years. Even though some of you were angry, as it rubbed salt in the wounds for those eager for an all-new Bronco, at least we were given an insight into what could be.

The very last Ford Bronco was in 1996 and since then has faded into the background, and even though this news of a 2016 Ford Bronco release was just done in jest; we can take a few ideas from this, not only from the source itself, but also the comments from passionate would-be 2016 Ford Bronco owners.

One of the many reason why releasing an all-new Bronco would be a popular idea is the fact that this would be an all-out off-road truck with no compromises, so mother’s on a school run need not apply. The full-size Bronco was considered to be one of the best 4×4 trucks ever, and if Ford were to build a new one after nearly 20 years, then they need to stick to the lifeblood that flows through the Bronco.

2016 Ford Bronco interior

The new Ford SVT Bronco exterior could be loosely based on the Ford Atlas, which isn’t a bad thing considering it looks like what a full-size truck should be. However, the new Ford Bronco interior seen here, which as we know is not the real deal, does give us an idea of what is likely. The cabin certainly looks like a very nice place to be, but we are sure you have a few ideas of your own?

Proposed 2016 Ford SVT specs if this were to ever make it to production, then it will come with a choice of diesel and gasoline engines. We would also expect 6-speed manual or automatic transmission, as well as a Dana 60 front differential.

2016 Ford Bronco engine

The new Ford Bronco price is a tough one because as you know Ford has yet to even considered building this truck, but if they did, then it is likely to be priced similar to the likes of the all-new Ford F-150.

Is it about time Ford considered building the 2016 SVT Bronco truck?

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  • Issac Frederickburg

    I had a 1988 Bronco II and a 1994 Fullsize 5 speed manual. Awesome SUVs. Would love to get 2016, If I have to get a 1996 I will do that also.

  • mike hanneken

    i talked to the a ford dealer when i heared about the bronco come back and yes it is coming out in 2016 no doubt about it can’t wait I’m buying one

  • Cheryl PLATT

    They better build this incredible vehicle. My very first owned vehicle was a 1985 Bronco with a little 6 cylinder in it. That truck went forever and very reliable. PLEASE build the Bronco!! Love this truck!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    I wish they would bring it back my mom had a bronco and it was one BAMF!!! I would hands purchase one !!!

  • Trond-Morten WildThing Bjarkøy

    Ford. Get the message. BUILD THIS! My 1989 XLT needs a little sister!

  • Matt

    If produced I will own one.

  • Rich

    Not cool! My father and I, were excited til we found out it was an Aprils Fools joke! My father had a 78 Bronco with a 79 Grill in it, and the 351 Modified. Would love to see it come back with the old school style and new Ford design. Loved the pics here. Sharp looking even if it is fake!

  • Bobby

    My dad had a 1978 Ford Bronco. Had the 351 Modified motor. I was driving it in high school. Loved it. Wish Ford would consider building it again.

  • benny

    Would love to see the new ford bronco to come out I have had an 88, 82, 79 , 84 I was in love with all of them they are built to last an then some. If only they could be better on gas. An they Toyota made the fj

  • Stephen Hearn

    Please build this Ford!

  • Darth Vader

    They need to build the Bronco, Jeep has no competition and they can’t keep them on the lots. I think it was a mistake to move away from the boxy look, at least for the Escape. If they were smart, they’d build this in a two door, 4 door, and extended 4 door in the boxy look. Guys don’t want to drive a feminine looking SUV like the new Escape or Kia Sportage or Hyundai Tucson, etc.

  • N8

    Ford needs to make the Bronco proto-type that’s been around for 10+ years…the one that looks more like the 1966-77 Bronco. That’s the one I would buy and could afford.

    I would also LOVE it if they offered the future Broncos with diesel engines…lotsa torque and better MPG.

  • devilschild

    We still have our 2 full size Chevy Blazers (1993) and we love them. They aren’t our only vehicles. We use them in the winter and for hunting, etc.

  • SoSezYou

    Had one in 1996 for six months..it was fun to drive but was hard on gas and my particular one had all sorts of electrical problems. So, I traded it for a 1990 Montero and THAT truck lasted me about ten years and about 100,000 miles. Too bad about he Bronco but those electrical problems were way to problematic.

  • J Derek Mitchell

    Buddy of mine fell for this Joke. Told him I’d hold my breath.
    No one is gonna make a 2 door full-size SUV. Not a big enough market. They all went after the Soccer Moms. That’s why they killed the Bronco and Blazer both in the first place. Anyone that follows the market knows better than to believe that Detroit will produce any of the Concepts that people scream for. Jeep shows up every year at MOAB with at least one that people love but they’re all one-offs.

  • p51dman

    Yeah after reading the article, what a tease…..sigh

  • p51dman

    We have an 1983 Bronco, and LOVE it, it took our daughter from 3rd grade through high school. Obviously we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    • Ragen

      Hope your daughter dies. fag

  • The Collector

    Not cool, Ford.

  • Uncle Dave

    I had a 1980 with the 351 Winsor, 4 on the floor with granny-low… I has a senior in high school in Denver and love the mountains on the weekends. I really miss that truck!

  • Captian Re-Wipe

    The end has long passed for large SUV’s.

    • Uncle Dave

      … because of the EPA and the enviro-nazis…

      • Captian Re-Wipe

        and the gas company gouging gas prices.

        • 300HPV8

          My 300HP 4.6L V* in my F150 gets 22 mpg. And MUCH safer that a flimsy beer can import

        • Captian Re-Wipe

          22 mpg highway. I get 18 high way in my 5.4 F150

        • 300HPV8

          That is why I chose the 4.6L … heck it is only 40 hp but I pick up 4 mpg … It does just fine, although next truck will have the massive 6.2L, I don’t care about mpg’s much, I want BIG HORSEPOWER ….

        • Rusty Shackleford

          safer for you, not overall, you’re thinking like a soccer mom.

        • Larry

          Why don’t we all try to build homes, do remodeling, etc, with a Prius?! Because it doesn’t work for the job. Ever thought of that?!

        • Uncle Dave

          “the gas company gouging gas prices”?? Spoken like a true enviro-nut who probibly owns an electric car..
          45% of that “gouging” is taxes. From taxing the oil before it comes out if the ground, leases to the government to use the land, transportation taxes to get it to the refinery and then again to the pump, taxes on the refinery process, and don’t forget the taxes AT the pump: DOT tax, federal, state and local sales taxes… Not to mention all of the government permits involved: for the drilling, extraction, refining and, heaven forbid we want to build and operate a gas station… you can only get your permits after the Environmental impact Statement…
          Then consider all of the costs on land and sea, for exploration, drilling, extra safety features, pumping, transportation, refining, chemical research and blending (much of which is government mandated), and the gas station operation. That leaves MAYBE 5% profit to be split by the station owner, refinery owner, oil company drilling owner and exploration company owner.
          Why do you think all of the stations are becoming mini-marts? There’s very little profit in running just a station.

        • William Hedgepeth

          Then consider that they seem to set record profits every year. All the gas stations are becoming mini-marts because the oil company’s want to squeeze every penny they can out of us.

        • Uncle Dave

          Ah, another “true believer”, swallowing the bait of “record profits”. Yes, oil companies make a profit… how horrible. “We are ‘The 99%’ – making a profit is EVIL” Should they give it away, like a good socialist would?
          My point was, when you see $4 at the pump, the vast majority of that is either government tax (State, Federal, County or Local) or exploration, manufacturing and transportation costs. When you actually make a profit (say 3-cents a gallon) and you’re selling a gazzilion gallons, simple math will tell you that you make .03 times a gazzilion… Of course no one person gets to keep that. It must be shares by hundreds of thousands of stock holders, the company chiefs and the Senators and Congress people that have all “invested”.
          And, again, if making a profit, record or not, is ‘a bad thing’, someone should tell all the banks, cell phone companies, computer companies, car companies, tyre companies, TV and movie studios, race teams, grocery store chains, etc., etc., etc….

        • Captian Re-Wipe

          There is a lot of profit running an oil company. you deny the oil companies aren’t making record profits year after year. The barrel has been around the 100 dollar mark for years. and the gas prices just keep going up.

        • Uncle Dave

          Oh dear boy – The price of a barrel of oil is not set by the oil companies, it is set by the Wall Street speculators. Just like bacon, soy beans, orange juice and other commodities. The speculators take most of their cues from OPEC and the Middle East. By the way, most of the Middle East oil goes to Europe. We get most of our oil from the North Sea and South America… it’s all about the Sulfer content and what our government (the EPA) will allow in to our country. Now if there were just an inexpensive way to get some of that Canadian crude down to the refineries in Texas … Oh ya! The Keystone Pipeline… Gee, I wonder why they haven’t built that yet?

        • Captian Re-Wipe

          I didn’t say the oil companies set the price of oil. They do not adjust the price of gas up and down the same as the barrel fluctuates. Barrel goes up a couple bucks gas goes up for example 10 cents. Barrel goes down a couple bucks gas price goes down a couple cents. I have been watching this for years. In my state tax is 34.9 cent per gallon, federal is 18.4 cents per gal. That is not the majority of the price.

        • Uncle Dave

          Yes, they take advantage of the price moves, as any other industry would; when the crude price goes up the station price goes up, immediately… when the crude price goes down the station price will go down… in a couple of days…
          And the 53.3 cents per gallon that you’re referencing is just the sales tax. Please re-read my other post listing the State, Federal, County, Local taxes PLUS the drilling permit fees (tax), corporate income tax to the oil companies, environmental taxes and fees, transpiration taxes, etc., etc., etc. And they all get built in to the price, again, like any other industry. I wonder how much of the price of a new car is taxes and fees that GM, Ford, etc have to pay?

    • 300HPV8

      Don’t be silly …. Please don’t tell me you want one of those flimsy imports made out of Beer cans ….

    • Jacob Beach

      I will always be a chevy suburban guy, there is no comparison. even though it only gets 20 mpg, that is not all that far behind many luxury cars or sport cars which are in the mid 20s to low 30’s range. the one thing that SUV’s really need is a turbo diesel

      • Hosermcfly

        I had both a gas and diesel Suburban, and 20 mpg’s is total B.S. It seems everyone making false mpg claims LOVES to round off numbers. 12.87 gallons becomes 12 and 232.6 miles becomes 250. Then they do the math in their head, and round the total number up or down once again. That’s how a 16 mpg truck becomes a 20 mpg truck …

        • Jacob Beach

          depends on highway vs city/trailer in tow/ how new the design. newer ones get about 20, mine gets 18 highway, but when you include the amount of city driving with the combination of my driving style, it really goes in the 14-16 mpg range with under 10 while pulling a load. it has been a few years since a diesel suburban has been offered. just as well, a 6 L duramax is a bit much for such a vehicle. GM’s 4.5 duramax would be both an awesome option as it would provide 20+ mpg while increasing towing capacity