Live Cricket T20 simplified by Google

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 6, 2014

Google has been the leader in search for a long time and perfecting its service will be a never-ending task, so seeing the search engine continue to make watching and tracking certain sports easier seems to be a natural progression.

Heading to today will reveal a taste of just that, and the image on this page reveals Google’s most recent Doodle that when clicked searches “Cricket T20”. This search brings about live streaming for the Cricket T20 World Cup, a schedule of the event today, live scores presented by both Google and other 3rd parties.

If you want to watch live T20 Cricket in 2014, then the task has become much simpler although this Google Doodle doesn’t seem to be something the United States are sharing as well. This wouldn’t be the first time Google offers different Doodles dependent on your location.


There’s a number of other great online services offering the best in live Cricket T20 scores and video streams, which include the BBC Live Cricket Score section found here, also the BBC iPlayer Radio app will offer live text and coverage of the final, and finally you can see the BBC iPad and iPhone app for further coverage.

One of the quickest ways to see the Cricket T20 live score today, India v Sri Lanka at Dhaka, would be via this scorecard that also features a countdown to when the match will begin.

How will you keep track of live T20 Cricket scores and video today? Is there a service you prefer over all the others?

If you are looking for a live Cricket T20 stream and subscribe to Sky Sports, then you can see their schedule right here and start time. The service will stream live video in a number of apps and online, as long as you subscribe to Sky Sports. There’s a number of online services that offer free streaming, although using these is at your own risk considering some websites are not totally reliable. The Cricket ICC YouTube channel is also worth following.

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