GTA V 1.12 patch restoring glitches

There’s no doubt that stunts are important to the fun found in Grand Theft Auto V and patch 1.12 will restore some glitches stopped by a previous update. It is clear that Rockstar want to offer gamers the best experience possible, so patching glitches and problems is part of this process, but one glitch might be unintended and shouldn’t be removed. The good news, it looks like the GTA V 1.12 patch will be restoring unintended glitches.

We touched on a number of points made by Rockstar in a recent blog post, which included the new GTA Online Capture Creator for jobs and the High Life update that will finally allow players to own a second garage.

One of the smaller points made within Rockstar’s post highlighted the need for unintended glitches to be restored, which was previously mentioned in late March on the support forums. In a nutshell, Rockstar corrected the way bikes and motorcycles handled while in the air. This change didn’t go down well with the GTA V stunt community, and they made their feelings clear to such an extent that this change will be reverted with the next GTA V update, patch 1.12.

Rockstar praised some of the best GTA V stunt jumps in the past by highlighting video clips, and the fun has also been evident in a parachute montage and other videos focusing on Grand Theft Auto stunts.

The need for certain GTA V glitches – there is a fine line between cheats and glitches, with some unintended things needing to stay in the game for fun alone rather than trying to make everything perfect. The move by Rockstar to restore bike physics reveals they are starting to understand this, so we wonder what else should be left alone that could be classed as unintended but fun?


Rockstar also made it clear they are “open” to keeping any other unintended glitch, especially if the community “enjoy” them as a whole.

Is there any other glitches that need to return with GTA V update 1.12, or at least current glitches that should stay? We’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers about any current or previous glitches that you think are fun and should stay, although it should be pointed out that Rockstar will not allow GTA V glitches that impact gameplay in a negative way. Making money in certain ways might count as negative in Rockstar’s opinion.



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