PS Vita games missing in 2014 lineup

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 4, 2014

The current PS Vita games collection leaves a lot to be desired in our opinion and while you’ll find a number of great games coming soon in 2014, it seems that the list is missing out on some vital titles or good games in certain genres.

Every gamer will have their own wish list and you can count on mixed opinions, but seeing the lack of a Call of Duty PS Vita game in 2013 and a lack of news in 2014 surrounding other great franchises like Lord of the Rings gives us cause for concern. The Shadow of Mordor looks impressive, and my love for LOTR and strategy could have been met on PlayStation Vita with a title a lot of people would purchase for when on-the-move.

What PS Vita games do you feel are missing in the 2014 lineup, and is there any types of games missing from the handheld in your opinion?

Coming up to two years ago we touched on the best PS Vita games that could revive Sony’s portable games system, and below that article we heard from Product Reviews readers about the lack of games. Some people feel “there’s nothing to play even after purchasing most games”, and these gamers also want to see a lot more AAA titles.

Personally, it’s the specific games that we feel the PS Vita needs on the coming soon list for 2014/2015. Of course, you don’t need to look far to see opinions about the state of demand for mobile handhelds. “the hardware and games on iPhone and Android phones is so good that the need for a dedicated games handheld seems to be dropping, not to mention the amount of money being made with apps”, said one Product Reviews reader.

Do you feel that the PS Vita has increased or dropped in popularity? Do you still see a need for handheld games systems, considering the power of phones and accessories they attract?

We hope to see better PS Vita strategy games over the next year and COD 2014 receiving a PS Vita release. Leave a comment below with your PS Vita games wish list, and your feelings about its place in the marketplace.

You can see a list of PS Vita games coming soon in 2014 right here, so feel free to take a look if you need a refresher of upcoming titles we know about so far.

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  • freddie

    PS vita needs games like Gta, there was a NFS port for it so its definitely capable of open world games like that. If this by any means happens, i would buy 5 copies lol.

  • jon

    Coming from a dev standpoint, the vita is the holy grail of gaming. Indie games are flocking to vita some are even exclusive and sony has made it easier than ever to publish games for the platform. AAA titles will always be garbage in my eyes and the eyes of every other indie dev out there, they will never reach a personal level because so many different peoples visions are thrown into them like a crude melting pot. A game made by 1-2 can give you an experience that can be lifechanging or insightful, like the masterpiece that is Lone Survivor. Being portable gives a nod as well to people who don’t like to be strapped to a computer with a whirring fan that drives them insane and decimates their electricity bill. The vita has everything it needs its the consumers who are used to shovelware titles and sequels that are the problem now.

  • Brutalgear

    Honestly the vita has all I want. I say this because I have to many games to play and not enough time to play them. Call me a fanboy but there are a variety of titles. Killzone mercenary is sufficient for my FPS fix. I would like another but not COD have their awful and careless first entry id rather another company build an exclusive Vita FPS (lore exclusive as well).

    My breakdown:
    Killzone – FPS
    Soul Sacrifice – the 15 min fix game that can be played for hours at a time
    Danganrompa – my Japanese anime fix. This game has a fantastic story
    Destiny of Spirits – it’s Pokemon-ish. No it’s not the in depth dog Pokemon is, but you have to take your ps vita out to hunt other spirits. This was the app game the vita needed at launch
    Y’s – action jrpg, what’s not to like!?
    FFX – I never had a ps2, can’t wait to actually get into playing it!

    What I would like to see:
    Another FPS, one worth if the vita w/ online map editing
    Western rpg (answered with borderlands)
    Diablo III (or competent clone – not dungeon hunter)
    Gravity Rush 2
    Assassins Creed (another one)

    Finally, my big wish is a game for the ps4 that requires the vita, and integrates the vita into the gameplay. Like a dungeon crawl where you can walk into different section and suddenly you have to use your vita screen for something – I’ll leave it to a developers mind to be creative, but it would be cool for a big budget game make something like that. Props to you who read all of that. Peace easy

    • Gavity Rush 2 has already been confirmed + teaser trailers were shown 🙂

    • Maggard

      Sure enough, just about to submit my post and the diatribe disappears. Thank you for getting me back to finding a way to purchase your examples I have yet to own. My backlog just continues growing.
      Hopefully you’ll add me as a friend in time.
      · Kaizensan

  • Mando44646

    Vita needs less Indies that are cheaper on Steam and phones and needs more Western AAAs. A new Assassins Creed. A western RPG like Fallout or Mass Effect. More quality shooters like Killzone Mercenary. Open worlds like GTA or Watch Dogs

  • Josh101

    Nintendo Monster Hunter exclusivity really hurt the Vita. I have no doubt that game would have sold a ton of PS Vita units. PS Vita marketing in the states has been basically non-existant. The kiosks should have had tons of better demo’s. Wipeout 2048, Toukiden, Dragons Crown, Little Big Planet, Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted, Rayman Origins/Legends, Mortal Kombat, Sound Shapes, Guacamelee, Limbo, Big Sky Infinity and Muramasa Rebirth on demo would have done WONDERS. If they have a marketing push for it now with that demo setup with a small t.v. that is showing the action going on on the Vita. This will definately take off. If they don’t. Then the PS Vita will just be an enthusiast’s device here in the U.S. for the life of the console.

    • Maggard

      I wish they offered an HDMI out using the “mystery port” on the PS-Vita 1000 models.
      There is a benefit to playing the PS-Vita while others watch on the Tele.

  • Aaron K Stone

    Seems to be picking up in Japan, but I don’t see it going anywhere in the western hemisphere anytime soon.

  • reckless-0

    Playing on a tablet even with a Bluetooth controller simply isn’t the same. Not
    to mention the quality of titles on the Vita blows away the piles of
    garbage you have to dig through on the Play Store before finding
    something worth while. I have a Nexus 7 with a Bluetooth controller and it gets used mostly for emulators and a few games that I do enjoy on occasion. I do however use the Nexus over the Vita every time for apps… My vita is strictly for gaming.

    I guess a lot of my love of the Vita has to do with the fact that I
    am loving all the games that are getting localized and loving some of my
    imports even more. It may not have the AAA lineup that many owners were
    hoping for but I myself couldn’t be happier with the games it is
    getting. My love of Anime and Japanese games outweighs any Call of Duty game… Hell I wouldn’t even buy a COD game. KZ Mercenary fills my need for a multiplayer shooter and lets be honest the campaign in COD is trash on the level of a Michael Bay movie.

  • Joe

    A new Battle for Middle Earth or Age of Empires on PS Vita, this would make me spend hours on my Vita.

  • SueT

    I really do want a good Lord of the Rings PS Vita game to take on my next cruise.

    • cupcakeboy