Fallout 4 announcement closer to release

- Apr 4, 2014

The desire for a Fallout 4 announcement is extremely evident, so much so that gamers have been debating the reasons for a lack of news over the past year without much satisfaction in the way of details. A few things have become clear after all of this debate, and that’s what fans want and the obvious timing for Bethesda to deliver Fallout 4 information along with a release date.

Some of the latest blog posts in regard to Fallout 4 claim that the upcoming game has been delayed, with titles along the lines of “Publisher delays announcement”. This couldn’t be further away from the truth, the fact is that Bethesda cannot delay what hasn’t already been given and looking at their track record you can see a pattern for releasing information.

Fallout 4 announcement close to release – Bethesda hates to offer false hype, so they wouldn’t want to give an announcement too far away from any potential release date and as such, will deliver details closer to launch rather than years before.

Most people cannot wait for Fallout 4, especially if they are part of an active PC community or want to see what’s possible on PS4 and Xbox One. The size of Fallout 4 will be one of the main reasons so much time is given to development, and why a lot of care is given to timing the announcement and not being hasty so disappointment comes when a real delay is given due to promising things too soon.

We previously looked at the timeline for Bethesda games, and it was evident that Fallout 4 was low down on that release timeline with other titles coming way before. Even if Fallout 4 is the game you really want, it is obvious you’re going to need a lot of patience, but will people wait until 2016 if that becomes the release year?

How much patience do you have for Fallout 4, also knowing when an announcement arrives the release date will be shortly after?

Personally, we look forward to seeing what Bethesda create with an undoubtedly large game that will take time. Hints of Fallout 4’s development have landed a few times in the past, so we know the game is coming and expecting it to be announced too far in advance is just silly knowing Bethesda’s track record. You can count on two things, a great game well worth waiting for and a release shorty after the announcement.

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  • Opie


  • Fallout Boy

    2016? Nooooooooo….

  • Darren SugerRay

    I really hope the
    Fallout 4 announcement comes at the end of this year, then a release in 2015, I really don’t want to wait until 2016.

  • Chris

    I’m on the authors side, nice to see someone point out the fact of a release coming right after the announcement, something a lot of people DO NOT KNOW.

  • Heath Moore Rush

    Nothing like garnering web traffic by simply writing a “news” piece with Fallout 4 in the headline and including absolutely zero new information.

    • Ricky

      Whiner, looking at your comments on other sites, you seem to always be negative.

      • Heath Moore Rush

        I’m a whiner because I call out articles written merely for web clicks as opposed to actual new information? Interesting….do tell, where have you seen me write my whining and negative OPINIONS outside of this site…..I’m curious as I only reply on stories maybe once or twice a week. PS…I am actually a super cheeky guy;)

        • Ricky

          10 days ago “Whiner? I am merely pointing out what everyone else is saying. “, you were called a Whiner on “Malaysia plane saga: Your questions answered”and other negative comments on other articles by clicking your name we can see them on different sites.

        • Heath Moore Rush

          And yet, here you are whining about whining….lol the force is quite challenged in you.

  • Tony

    I think you guys are missing the point, there’s loads of blog posts everyday talking about the Fallout 4 release date or asking where is the game? This article is clearly clearing that up, it will not come for a while and when we finally get an announcement a release will follow shortly after, unlike many other game developers that announce then wait years. Bethesda isn’t like this, but sadly many gamers forget this point…thanks PR for the article, other blogs need to understand Bethesda a bit more as this author clearly does.

  • Leon

    I agree with tuggy 100% , Douchebags.

  • Tuggy

    This is an article saying you don’t know a single thing that furthers any new real discussion of F4, and that you instead just wanted to throw out an ambiguously titled article to gin up hits on your website.

    • John Shields

      I could not find myself in more agreement with Tuggy ! This article is a blatant exploitation of the rabid gamers who salivate at the mere prospect of F4 … The proverbial mule and carrot ! Shameless exploitation … anti-climactic buzzkill…now if you’ll excuse me I have to make my way back to the wasteland….