Elder Scrolls Online stream for PS4, Xbox One prep

By Alan Ng - Apr 4, 2014

The moment is over for Elder Scrolls Online fans. The game is now live on PC and Mac, with a PS4 and Xbox One release to come this Summer in June. To prepare you for the console release, we have a Elder Scrolls Online stream for you to check out giving you an exact look at the game without any editing.

The game has been in beta over the last few months, but the wait is now over as Zenimax Studios have launched on PC and Mac. You’ll need a subscription to play the game, with pricing already set at $14.99 a month for ongoing access to the game.

As you can imagine there is great interest in the game after Skyrim, but also due to the fact that Elder Scrolls Online is coming to next-gen consoles. It will join the likes of Final Fantasy XIV as one of the main MMOs to be available on PS4 and Xbox One, so naturally a lot of gamers are looking to see how the game plays on PC.

To give you an idea of this, check out the live stream that we have included below, showing off the PC version of the game. If you are seriously considering forking out on a subscription to play this game on PS4 or Xbox One, watching a few hours of this stream should give you an idea if you think it is worth it or not.

For those that have already bought and are playing the game – what are your impressions so far? Do you think it is better than Skyrim or not?

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  • snowmanbiggz

    You can’t honestly compare this game to skyrim.

    1. Bethesda made skyrim, Zenimax made TESO. Zenimax is the parent company to Bethesda and thought the idea of an online version would be a good idea. Not to mention many people have asked for it.

    2. The game is in no way Elder Scrolls VI. This game is a completely different beast in and of itself.

    I will say it is better in that for being an mmo you aren’t required to party up to beat different things so if you want to play solo you can. And for the partying up part….well looking for group sucks but if you have a friendly guild with many members or you have friends from real life that are playing then you can have a decent experience and blast through some of the dungeons and quests with ease.

    I’d say the game gets vastly better the higher level you obtain but for low lvl stuff it’s bent on trying to be a crafter early on so you can make gear for a lvl you are about to pass anyway. I will say in terms of roleplay its great. Not many MMOs show an actual world change based on your decisions and ESO pulls this off nicely. An example would be for the Ebonheart Pact. On the beginning island of Bleakrock you have a quest to find all the villagers. You can tell the quest giver to evacuate early. Doing so will cause all those you didn’t find to die in the invasion of bleakrock while you, the quest giver and anyone you did find survive and go to the next area. In the next area you will see the people you saved roaming the towns or giving quests. And when you finally get to the heart of the game another choice can be made to defend the keep or docks. Defend the docks the people in the keep die and vice versa. You notice this when visiting them after that quest line when bodies are scattered along the roads and such. And those you saved praise you for having done so. Gives a sense of accomplishment while realizing your decisions also have consequences.

  • thedraper

    you need to correct this final fantasy 14 arr isnt out on xboxone

  • Mombasa69

    Character creation is about the best part, the rest of the game is brainless sh1te.

  • Dex

    The PC game is very good. I’d go as far as great.

    -there are a few things that need adjusting but that’s any MMO at launch.
    *zone channel needs a lot of options/restrictions. (I created a 2nd tab to filter out Zone chat as ppl just use it to chat, spam, trade, lfg, troll, etc.)

    *party lfg tool works great (keep in mind it allows you to pick any role so group quality is based on ppl’s decisions not the game)
    -tanks need to be able to block, taunt
    -healers need to have a healing staff and three spells from the staff and maybe other skills depending on their class but anyone can heal.
    -dps just need to be competent (don’t get caught up in your dps vs.staying alive.

    -it’s awesome and finally there is a game where you don’t have to search for mats. Just break down your loot respective to the skills.
    *Also, don’t waste time making items as crafting exp is gained faster by breaking down items vs. Making items.

    Simply put, it’s more like Elder Scrolls so don’t play like a MMO.
    -block, dodge and attack. Keep it basic and use potions. Jumping around and moving for no reason will leave you dead

    Party/assisting others
    -there is no exp penalty for killing in/out of groups. Questing or soloing is all the same so hunt in groups as being alone might leave you dead if you stumble upon the wrong npc.

    -grinding is pointless so don’t do it.
    (Exceptions…there are named npc’s that spawn for quests. I found a spot to kill skeletons outside the BC dungeon. Those 3 give a ton of exp. get 4 others and grind there from 10-15. )

    -pretty basic. Pay and reset skills. U can travel there but the area is for lvl 15+ (the first area to do this in).

    -choose wisely and select skills based on what makes sense or what ur willing to invest in. Understand the passive skills and if u mess up. See above. Pay to respect.

    -Do not carry around mats. Out them in the safe always. U can access mats anytime at crafting stations so there is no need to keep them on u.
    -buy the first upgrades for bags

    Souls stones
    -keep 10-20 at all times

    This is how u recharge, Rez and Rez others.

    I personally don’t think it’s a must to have the Imperial Edit but the basic mount is $17,500gp. Vs.1gp

    If you PVP at lvl10+ then buy the horse via imperial.

    The game seems to favor solo play and encourage grouping although partying only helps for looting.

    -The game is for sure more like a console game than a MMO. I assume at levels 35+ it’ll have more MMO opportunities but this will succeed because you aren’t forced to do anything to progress.

    It really embodies “play as you want” but do realize you choices have an impact on the outcomes of all interactions and outcomes.

    Many will leave and millions of others will join


    You can be in 5 player created guilds and all the npc guilds.