Elder Scrolls Online stream for PS4, Xbox One prep

The moment is over for Elder Scrolls Online fans. The game is now live on PC and Mac, with a PS4 and Xbox One release to come this Summer in June. To prepare you for the console release, we have a Elder Scrolls Online stream for you to check out giving you an exact look at the game without any editing.

The game has been in beta over the last few months, but the wait is now over as Zenimax Studios have launched on PC and Mac. You’ll need a subscription to play the game, with pricing already set at $14.99 a month for ongoing access to the game.

As you can imagine there is great interest in the game after Skyrim, but also due to the fact that Elder Scrolls Online is coming to next-gen consoles. It will join the likes of Final Fantasy XIV as one of the main MMOs to be available on PS4 and Xbox One, so naturally a lot of gamers are looking to see how the game plays on PC.

To give you an idea of this, check out the live stream that we have included below, showing off the PC version of the game. If you are seriously considering forking out on a subscription to play this game on PS4 or Xbox One, watching a few hours of this stream should give you an idea if you think it is worth it or not.

For those that have already bought and are playing the game – what are your impressions so far? Do you think it is better than Skyrim or not?



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