Battlefield 4 servers down on PS4 again

By Alan Ng - Apr 4, 2014

It looks like the Battlefield 4 servers are down again on PS4. It’s obviously not the first time that the game has had server problems, but it’s not ideal for those that are looking to have a heavy weekend gaming session.

Back in February we told you about a similar problem, which appeared to be affecting not just PS4 owners, but also Battlefield 4 players on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC too.

At the time of writing the servers appear to be down. We’ve been met with the following error when trying to connect to any server. Having said that, we can also see that some players are still active in servers, so it could be just be happening to a select few – rather than a widespread problem.

Let’s hope that DICE are on top of the situation and will resume normal Battlefield 4 server status as soon as possible.

If you are playing at the moment, let us know if you have had any BF4 server problems on your version of the game. Are you getting the same message as above each time?

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  • seeafish

    In before some idiot says “lulz psn sux lulz”. EA run the servers, not Sony.