Watch Dogs PC gameplay is actually PS4 footage

By Alan Ng - Apr 3, 2014

A few weeks ago, we reported on the debate that was brewing for Watch Dog’s graphics, after Ubisoft released a new story mode trailer. At the time, some gamers thought that the graphics had been downgraded from the original 2012 showing, but now we have some new PC footage in 1080p to show you which offers a nice comparison.

Having said that, we thought that the following video was new Watch Dogs PC gameplay, but actually it turns out that the video has been taken from the PS4 version instead.

If you have been keeping yourself up to date with the game’s progress, you’ll know that the game has been delayed and is now on course for a release date in May.

We told you about the downgrade claims in a previous article here, but now there has been some fresh confusion this week. The video you see below was originally released as new PC footage in 1080p.

However, we’ve since done some digging and found out that this footage is apparently taken from PS4, not PC. A journalist who has been present at Ubisoft previews of the game has confirmed this in a post on Neogaf.

He goes on to say that the PS4 version of the game is looking very good and the video below should give you further hope that the PC version of Watch Dogs is going to be well worth the wait.

Take a look for yourself and let us know your thoughts on it. Considering that this is now thought to be PS4 footage we are looking at, not PC – are you impressed now after initial worries?

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  • darren evans

    After watching this is think the pc version could end up been nearly as good as the 2012 version afterall

  • THEundying27

    I think what contributed to all this confusion was how ubi has handled the promotion for this game. They have been very secretive with game play videos giving vague descriptions of which versions is what. The game looks great in my opinion and I think people have extremely high expectations for games as of late.

    If you graphics whores want extreme realism then fuckin dress up as Aiden and walk around with your smart phone and pretend like you’re hacking everything. That’s as real as it’ll get for you

    • Popa2caps

      You are so right, all these people bitching about looks of games. Thank you for saying that, its what they needed.

  • Black

    This looks like sh*t for a next gen title. No surprise though. It’s
    coming out for the ancient pieces of garbage too. The PS3 and 360 need
    to die already. They’ve f*cked up enough games with their weak sh*t
    hardware as it is.

    • Michał Skup

      And tell me – how exactly PC and new-gens help to make games better? Only thing that you are crying about is graphic, Another graphic wh*re.

      • THEundying27

        Preach it

      • Black

        The only thing I see is another sh*t for brains who doesn’t understand anything. Better hardware also equals smarter A.I.and more NPCs as well as better physics. All of those improve gemaplay. Not to say that graphics don’t. The better the graphics the deeper the immersion.

        Ancient concrap defender detected. The ignorance meater has exploded. Call the exterminators!

        • Michał Skup

          AI – scripts that response for your actions. You don’t need computing power for this. Or you think that AI in games is real? LOL.

        • TheFiendishDrWu

          Terrible explanation of AI. All programming is pretty much just “scripts”.

          Good AI will react with each other and the environment on its own whether you are there or not (akin to something like Skyrim) advanced agent based systems like that can be very intensive to compute.

  • xShadow215

    Lol we can come to conclusion that since people thought this was the PC version and were saying PS4 can’t handle this that the PS4 version does in fact look amazing despite all the hate, really demonstrates arrogance and poor judgement on the side of PC elitists, had they said it was PS4 version the hate and downgrade BS would still continue…

    • THEundying27

      Agreed, preach it!

    • darren evans

      there is always those ‘obsessed’ gamers on every platform. You look at a xbox one gameplay you will see ps4 fans bitchin, same vice versa. It is sad. Im a pc gamer with a ps4 and i just buy my favorite version. I think the ps4 version will look impressive and same with xbox one since they say the two are identical. There was no downgrade apparently just a misunderstanding between platforms. Of course the pc version will have better graphics but the game remains the same on all platforms in terms of story and features.

  • bori

    I like how the game looks Plus Ps4 version runs 1080p to me its good

  • eg94

    Officially excited for ps4 version again
    Downgraded for sure but still looks sick

  • MB

    Damn. Game’s sick.

    • NgTurbo

      Yep, either way it looks like it’s gonna be a fantastic game to play in May… perhaps until GTA V PC, next-gen arrives? :p