New Star Wars game gets Unchartered aid

By Matt Tran - Apr 3, 2014

The upcoming Star Wars project in development by Visceral Games has been boosted by an addition to their team. Amy Hennig has given the new Star Wars game some Unchartered aid by joining the project since leaving Naughty Dog earlier this year.

Hennig was the creative director of the Unchartered franchise but left Naughty Dog in dubious circumstances, reportedly being turfed out by other lead developers. Hennig’s experience and skill made her a prime candidate for many studio’s projects; however Visceral Games has been the lucky recruiter this time around.

New Star Wars video games have not been doing very well of late, since LucasArts was closed down the Star Wars 1313 project was abandoned. Hennig is a big fan of Star Wars which made this job naturally appealing, her track record on the Unchartered series bodes well for this upcoming game which will likely be developed to the strengths of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Little is known about the upcoming Star Wars game but its launch may coincide with the release of the new movie which is targeting a December 2015 arrival. What are your thoughts on Hennig joining this Star Wars project, will the game be taken in the right direction?

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  • SithLord

    Unfortunately, it will not be a shadow of UC4 as it will not use all the PS4’s power. I love Star Wars and just wish they would do what Titanfall did, but instead of shutting out the PS4, just shutting out the Xbone and WiiU. Not because of fanboi reasons, just because it lowers bar of the Lowest Common Denominator. UC4 will be amazing because the LCD (and ONLY denominator) will be the PS4 which is 50% more powerful than the Xbone. I wish they would release a PC port of UC4 too though so that more people can enjoy it. The Assassins Creed model (different games for different generations) should be extended to different games for consoles with significant power differences. As there is such a big difference in power, that in a year or two, Sony/PC exclusives will look far better than multiplatforms as the latter will be made to Xbone’s underpowered specs and then ported to PC and PS4. To do otherwise would cost far too much and would like producing two games. MS has really screwed us all by releasing a console that wants to do too much and as a result, does nothing well. Now we all suffer with games that will not utilise all available hardware assets, except on the Xbone, of course.

    • Black

      Well then lets shut out concraps all together and make it a PC exclusive. ^^
      My 780 is 3x as powerful as the ps4 after all.