Hearthstone iPad US, UK release date MIA

The wait is finally over for those of you who have been looking forward to the Hearthstone iPad release date. The mobile version of Blizzard’s popular card game has just gone live in select countries. Unfortunately though, the wait goes on for those specifically waiting for a Hearthstone iPad release date for US and UK territories.

Hearthstone is quickly gaining mass popularity and has racked up over 10 million users since launching on Windows and Mac. It’s the perfect fit for playing on the go and Blizzard has given some users the opportunity to play Hearthstone on iPad this week.

We can confirm that the iPad version is now live in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Strangely though, there is no US or UK release date yet, with Blizzard only being able to say that a launch in the rest of the world is coming ‘soon’.

As you can imagine, this has left a lot of gamers frustrated but having said that it is a rare opportunity for those in Canada, Australia and New Zealand to claim bragging rights for once.

Meanwhile, judging by the Tweet above from one user, there does appear to be a way to still get Hearthstone on iPad running with a US account – obviously with a little tinkering needed though of course.

It’s great to see that the iPad version is finally out. iOS and Android versions are on the way soon, so let us know which version you are waiting to play. Is the tablet version better than desktop in your opinion?



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