Amazon Fire TV Game Controller value

Amazon shook up the tablet space in a big way with the Kindle Fire tablet range and now the company look to be doing the exact same thing with the Amazon Fire set top box.

We’ve already told you about the announcement in a previous article, but now we want to zoom in on the gaming potential of the device, specifically with regards to the impressive looking Amazon Fire TV Game Controller.

This announcement had been brewing for many months and rumors leaked out suggesting that Amazon were planning to evade the gaming industry in a big way. Now we know that those plans are real and you can buy Amazon Fire for $99 and combine it with the Amazon Game Controller for a new experience on your TV.

Unfortunately, the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller won’t be included with the main set top box – Amazon has made it clear that it is a $40 separate purchase. However, that $40 will get you a controller that is console quality featuring dual analogue sticks, and a layout that mimics that of the Xbox 360 controller.

It also doubles up as a media remote for the Amazon Fire TV box, so that $40 will actually go a long way. On top of this Amazon are throwing in 1000 free Amazon coins which is $10 worth in value.

You can use this to purchase top games such as NBA 2K14, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Crazy Taxi and Rayman. As a further incentive you can also enjoy new game Sev Zero for free – a limited time only deal and a third-person based game which we told you about here.

Remember that this service has only just launched, Amazon are promising a lot more big name titles to come later this year. For a $40 controller this looks like a good buy for those that are interested in buying Amazon Fire straight away.

What is your reaction to the gaming side of Amazon’s new product? Do you think Amazon could ultimately hurt Sony and Microsoft in the long run?



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