New COD 2014 maps need BF4 size

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 2, 2014

After spending a lot of time playing both of the most popular First Person Shooter games, you start to understand that the new Call of Duty in 2014 will need bigger maps along the lines of Battlefield 4. While not all gamers will agree, it’s clear that BF4 has helped take away some of COD’s popularity and the PS4 and Xbox One versions have only helped with this.

Bigger, but not massive like BF4 – The COD 2014 maps need not reach the size of BF4’s battles that seem like a real world war, although they do need to increase in size and take advantage of the new console hardware for not only better graphics, but also better gameplay that takes the Call of Duty franchise to a new level.

We have heard from some of Product Reviews readers in regard to this very topic, “I love COD: Ghosts but feel it has slipped against Battlefield 4, and the developers need to do something truly special with COD 2014, its weapons, maps, and more to keep hold of the FPS crown”, said one PR reader. Another added, “The new COD 2014 maps need to be BF4 size”.

Personally, I’ve put a few thousand hours into both Call of Duty and Battlefield, but still find time to play both of the latest versions. They are both fun for different reasons, although it is clear that the new COD 2014 maps will need upgrading to take advantage of the PS4 and Xbox One hardware and give players a lot more abilities in multiplayer games.

New COD 2014

We have already heard from Sledgehammer Games co-founder last month about the new Call of Duty game, and they claim it will be the “most ambitious” and “most creative game” they’ve made to date. Let’s hope this rings true when we see the finished game towards the end of 2014.

What do you think would make the new COD 2014 maps a lot better? Do you feel they need to be bigger and include more interaction?

One thing is for sure, and this is the fact that millions of gamers will still be using PS3 and Xbox 360, so we only hope this fact doesn’t hold back what will be possible with PS4 and Xbox One versions of COD 2014.

There’s a number of things that can be done to make the new COD feel more war-like, but the real question is: will the majority of fans want the game changed or left like it is? Leave a comment below with your wish list for the next game and thoughts on a bigger sized map.

It would be good to see bigger and smaller maps in the COD 2014 game, which will keep the experience fast-paced in small maps and a lot more tactical in the larger versions.

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  • Давид Орзэговски

    i want it to be like bf with cod perks soldier creating etc

  • Charliiee

    All they need is small to medium sized maps not big maps and if there putting big maps they should only put them for ground war and vehicles in it to make it fun i play cod of fast paced i dont like battlefield cus is slow just make maps small-medium size fun killstreaks better scorestreaks balaced the snipers just like bo1 or a sniper only playlist add tanks on big maps recoil to guns so ppl would actually need skills get rid of all op attachments like thermal , target finder and things like ieds make campers show in the mini map if not moving or something add a lot fun gamemodes like harpoint, ctf, domination, tdm , snd , headquaters and so on man and there you go you will have the best cod ever is that hard to get?

    • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

      Lmfao this guy said balance the snipers like in Black Ops 1. That’s the most retarded idea ever. BO 1 ruined CoD. It was pure garbage. The snipers suck so bad, no wait ALL the guns are useless in that game because Treyarch sucks at making CoD games. Treyarch is garbage because they make every gun about as useless as a retarded toy airsoft gun that shoots marshmallows. And on top of that they love sticking their noses in where they don’t belong and nerfing already useless weak guns to complete garbage. And we all know how terribly Treyarch games lag; that lag combined with the most stupid, idiotic low damage weapons ever seen in any CoD game makes BO 1 and 2 unplayable pieces of trash

      • Charliiee

        Hey man thats your opinion but bo1 was great if you didnt like it thats your opinion cus alot of ppl love bo1 and its true the lag is real sledgehammer could fix that i guarranty you most of the players would prefer a treyarch game over iw the only good game iw had make was mw2 and cod 4 other than that garbage mw2.5 and ghost sucks

        • Furry Fox Jet Pilot

          I didn’t mean to be so harsh towards you, sorry, but I hate BO1 and 2 a lot. The only reason people prefer Treyarch is because of Zombies, and that’s just a small part of the game. Overall Infinity Ward makes way better games. Treyarch only made 1 good game: World at War.

    • haiden

      i hear ya, in my opinion the reason cod ghosts flopped is b/c of the larger maps, well it didnt “flop” but it is one of the lower rated COD’s i say they need to step back and go back to basics

  • ThatRandomDudeOnTheCorner

    If call of duty is going to be any where near good then they need to have Smaller maps, more balanced guns, and if they do go for BIG maps the guns will have to be fixed because right now they are conditioned for fast paced close range gunfights where the smg and the assault rifles go hand in hand.

  • Burkeo99

    Also why do people think black ops 2 killed cod? I loved black ops 2. It had its problems with the connection but for me they introduced the greatest component to ever grace cod which was the scorestreaks.

  • Burkeo99

    Bigger maps? Ghosts has by far the biggest maps out of all of the cods and In my opinion it is the worst one yet. I feel infinity ward tried too hard to copy battlefield with the maps. The size was increased and they introduced destructive environments. Call of duty and battlefield are good but in their own different ways. If I want to play a shooter that is tactical and with huge maps I have battlefield to play. If I want to play a 10 minute game of fast paced non stop action I will play call of duty. Well that’s how it use to be for me as I’ve stopped playing ghosts because it feels too slow. Cod needs to take advantage of the dedicated servers and then go back to their roots. The amount of perks on this game is ridiculous. Go back to basics.

  • the right answer

    DEDICATED servers,not insufficient ‘listen servers’…also, the dedicated servers need to be adequate enough to do the job properly, ie UK server, French server etc…NOT one server for the whole of Europe! Not too much to ask considering how rich Activision get from Europe’s largest consumer of call of duty merchandise (UK). SMALLER MAPS not larger! Take away stupid perks like quickdraw and fast reload etc… everyone should be equal, perks should be left for things like hardline and off the grid etc. Fix the spawning (needs to be taken into consideration when designing maps)… something similar to Killzones spawn system would work better. Beret customization of player appearance, weapon cammo etc. More maps included, weapons, equipment and killstreaks etc and better variety of these. MORE CUSTOM classes. Simple.

  • Jason Davis

    First. COD needs better servers. Second larger maps with interactive environments. Third stop making it seem all cartoonish. Bring it back to the original feel of the franchise. Fourth figure out how to get rid of all the hackers and modders. If you are going to have vehicles make them your strike packages and make them not time based. Give the vehicles a health bar. Make some weapons that can take out the vehicles effectively to balance the game out for the run and fun fans. Or make the vehicles a game mode option. Lastly STOP REMAKING MAPS!!! We got tired of playing those maps on the game they were officially released with. Fresh designs, multi level, non linear feel to the run and gunning aspect.

  • Victor Hall

    CoD is a arcade shooter and to make bigger maps would defeat that purpose. Battlefield is tactical on large and small but it’s not as face paced as CoD. CoD needs to stick with small maps

  • Clutchwarrior12

    I would agree with this. How many times do you get into a lobby and ppl only play for the spawn trap instead of playing the game. Small maps because of the spawns don’t work with call of duty. Bringing larger maps would solve this. But why do the larger maps suck on ghosts. The answer is to many buildings and so people will hang out there. It’s just to many corners to play. Maps do need cover spots and different levels but it needs to play simple.

  • The Legend Of Alvy

    I honestly think cod got killed after black ops 2 . I’ve play BF4 and was amazed at the game . I pray to BF4 for the life I’ve been given. Bf4 is life. Cod just repeats the same game. And ghosts I felt was the worst call of duty in history.

    • haiden

      no shrek is love shrek is life not bf4

  • Karl

    People dislike ghost primarily because of the LARGE maps….only an idoit would suggest that cods return to dominance will be achieved by large maps. Battlefield is a great game and cod is a great franchise (while ghosts may not be the best. If sledgehammer gets back to what makes cod….cod then they will have made a realy good game. Allowing battlefield to spill over into cod and vice versa, makes very few people happy. You end up ruining both games.

  • Kirby Berry

    I used to play cod and then battlefield spoiled me with large maps vehicles better ways to just take my enemy out after playing battlefield I had a friend who had not made the transition and I continued playing cod with him and I just felt like I was running the same circle over and over and quickly lost interest and made excuse not to play anymore I now religiously play battlefield and won’t pay cod ever again

  • HarryBrown

    I agree with Daniel, while some people want bigger maps with COD 2014, they shouldn’t be the size of BF4, although with that said, it would be good to have bigger maps and smaller maps to offer choice to every type of COD gamer. The amount of money made with Call of Duty, I’m sure they could do a much better job with the maps and variety offered.

    • chemicalkeen

      Cod should keep doing what they are doing. Im a massive bf fan and play cod but you dont want both games being the same. Cod is for close infantry combat and bf is for all out war. Wont be long till cod copys bf and has vehicles bullet drop ect or titan fall with robots!! Cod plays better then bf when it comes to infantry only.

      • mmorris

        Actually, Call of Duty has already had vehicles before. World at War had tanks scattered on the maps. The maps were slightly bigger as well. I think they need to bring that World at War feel back to Call of Duty.

        • Jordan

          Well said, we need maps at least twice the size as Ghosts and not having vehicles as ornaments would also be welcomed.

        • codcatcha

          You might as well just play battlefield if you want vehicles!! Cod has its own feel its run and gun, like a boss 🙂 dont wanna lose that. defo need slightly bigger maps.

        • haiden

          man remember COD 3 if you do we need one just like it, imo it was perfect mix