GTA Online Heists update given date

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 2, 2014

Hearing that Grand Theft Auto V’s Online will receive a Heists update on a certain release date should be good news to most gamers, but when this claim is made on April Fools it makes the information that much harder to believe. This is why we avoid reporting a lot of news around this time each year, although this GTA V Heists story seems to be the real deal, even though the DLC news arrived on the best prank day of the year.

Twitter user BriceCoates1 is known to leak news on GTA V and gave solid details about the Online Heists update in the past, but this time a date of April 20th was given as the longest time it will take to bring patch 1.12.

The so-called Lazy Gamer mentions that GTA V update 1.12 will be available to download before April 20th and as most fans expect, GTA Online Heists will be included in the next update.


You can see the tweet in the image above or directly on Twitter right here, although the rumor is met with a lot of jokes about the information arriving on April 1st. He continually denied that the claim was a joke by stating it’s, “Leaked NOT April Fool”.

Do you believe this leak about Heists DLC and the GTA V 1.12 update? To be fair, it’s pretty obvious they will arrive within that time anyway.

We touched on a number of jokes being played in an article yesterday, which revealed some poor attempts along with some quite convincing claims. While we did check for the GTA V 1.12 update yesterday and just before writing this article, it still is yet to release anywhere.

Personally, we believe this is more of a leak and not a joke considering Lazy Gamer is continuing to confirm the claim today as well. The interesting part will be if the GTA V 1.12 patch releases on or around that date, or way before, especially considering release patterns make this claim an obvious one.

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  • Derek Elphick

    I’d be happy to pay for DLC…but they better f&%kin fix the network errors on PS3. And we need 1. Heists, 2. Non contact racing, 3. full engine control while drifting, 4. Heavy sniper can penetrate tanks, 5. Casino, 6. Bigger garages

  • buzzeye1010

    I bet no dlc or hiest in this update. It’s too soon for a DLC i think and i believe that R* would brag about heist being released soon, after all, nearly everyone is demanding it and we know its on its way, what could R* gain by keeping that info classified? surely its a win win when they annouce its arrival? I like many others have a lot of ideas but i wont bore you with mine except one. San an jet please or a wingsuit. dont know why they didnt add a wingsuit to beggin with…..

  • Mike f ‘in Mates

    Just going to say this…… Thank you for finally changing the game rockstar…. If only you could change the radio songs…. They’re terrible….

    Oh well more cars for buying and killing in…

  • 187gb

    Rock star has just released it should be coming out next week so that means to stop complaining because it’s april 2nd so maybe april 9th or 10 because rockstar likes putting themselves on a timelimit so be ready with money

  • GTA fan

    1st of all this info was found on April Fools day and 2nd it’s supposed to be released on April 20th? 420? Come on now! It will come when Rockstar can figure out how so suck more money out of the fans of this game. They’ve already made millions. Greedy @#$&ers!

    • Darren Mc Carthy

      and of course they made SO much money of us with the last 3 updates -_-

      • Forseti

        Why would you pay money to get money in a online game? That’s very foolish and wasteful.

        • Darren Mc Carthy

          i agree but then again no one is forcing u to buy

        • duh

          The updates are free you morons

        • Darren Mc Carthy

          thats my point.

    • Harry

      but with every update they lower the payouts for missions etc.

  • marcman

    Got bored with gta online a looooong time ago!!!!!

  • Jackie

    Bros i have next Gen Xbox one gta 5 is dead to me i sold my xbox 360 and all the games including gta 5 i am level 200 and just gave up after March thxs rockstar titanFall is out now and its pretty fuuny with my friends forgot what gta 5 was is it a game? oh yeah getting watch dogs going to my older bros house he has Ps4 infamous second son so bye gta 5 and Bought the game gta 5 for $100 and sold it for $40

    • ToaAntan

      You dense motherf*cker. I love how you ragequit. The GTA community, myself included, bids you GOOD RIDDANCE.

    • Forseti

      Guess what… Nobody cares.

  • A Realist

    *Their* my bad……wish I could’ve edit, but there’s no option.

  • A Realist

    I don’t believe it….Hell, Rockstar stated that Heists would be released on Day One it wasn’t there…..then December, wasn’t there…..Then February, wasn’t there. and then at least Q1 of 2014, well it’s Q2 now and there still isn’t Heists….when Titanfall is out, GTAV is dead……Rockstar has officially killed there community…..Good job Rockstar, you used to be Royalty and Loyal to your fans….Not anymore….you greedy dicks……

    • Samcro VP

      Anyone else find it funny that the two titles that are serious threats to GTA’s crown are both called something Dogs (Sleeping Dogs & Watch Dogs).

      One could say GTA is going to the dogs!

      • Marshall King

        Hahaha good one 😀
        I personally loved sleeping dogs and watch dogs looks pretty good.

      • Mac

        Titanfall & Watch Dogs, where’d you get Sleeping Dogs?

        • GTA=GotTitanfallApathy

          Titanfall is an entirely different game to GTAV. That is what he meant by Sleeping Dogs and Watch Dogs being a threat because they are similar styled games. The latter being more like GTA V than the former, however. But Titanfall could be a threat to CoD and BF (not that I think it will be because it is nowhere near as deep from what I’ve heard – and it is not on all platforms like Cod & BF). I am really looking forward to Watch Dogs but I just don’t think anything could rival GTAV offline – I haven’t really played much online.

    • joe

      Please show where they said online heists would be available on launch of online

      • adrian

        Your wrong. Q1 isn’t over. Quarter ends 4/30/14. Q2 ends 7/31/2014 q3 ends 10/31/14 q4 ends 1/31/2015.

        • Marshall King

          Btw its like this:
          Q1 ends 3/31/14, Q2 ends 6/30/14, Q3 ends 9/30/14 and Q4 ends 12/31/14….

        • Vorastra

          Idiot. Nothing more to say.