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Galaxy Note 4 vs. HTC One M8 Max pre-launch quandary

Over the past few years Samsung has released a new Galaxy S smartphone, but the Note range has been growing more popular, one because of its extra real-estate in terms of display, and secondly, because it often comes with improved hardware. The Note 3 has proven very popular over the months, but we expect a hint as what the Galaxy Note 4 will offer in a few months time.

Last year we were expecting HTC to make an announcement that they were to enter the phablet market, and they did so with the launch of the HTC One Max, which was a larger version of the very popular, yet smaller smartphone.

Now that the HTC One M8, which is the second generation of the handset has been unveiled, there are already rumors of a Max version, and will no doubt take the fight to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The expected HTC One M8 MAX release date – should be around October of this year, if we are to go by last year. If so, then this will mean the Galaxy Note 4 will have less than a month to persuade users that this is the phablet to go for.

However, considering the HTC One M8 is considered the best Android handset on the market, this doesn’t bode well for the Note 4. Okay, so we know that Samsung’s next flagship handset will pack improved hardware over the Galaxy S5, and if the M8 Max is to make use of the same hardware as the M8, then that hardware would be 7 months old, a mistake HTC made last year.

We don’t believe that HTC will make the same mistake twice, but if the HTC One M8 Max specs were the same as the smaller model, then chances are it will be released sooner rather than later.

Given the choice of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the HTC One M8 Max, which of the two would you chooce?



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