Pricing BMW M3 and M4 with those options

It was at the start of the year we finally got to meet the BMW M3 and M4, and while there was no official pricing, there were a few ideas of what the price of each model would be. Thankfully, we now have a better understanding because BMW has made the pricing available.

The leaked pricing was spot on, as we now know the BMW M3 price will be from $62,00 and the M4 price from $64.200. However, this is only a guide, as we know with experience how potential buyers will be looking at those optional extras in order to make their new BMW more special.

Autoblog has learned the price of the BMW M3 and M4 options, and it doesn’t take long before the cost begins to mount out. First up you have to include a $925 destination charge on top of those prices above, and there is a strong possibility that you will need to add a further $550 as there are eight paint options, seven of which are metallic and so incurs that extra cost.

BMW M3 and M4 interior upgrade options – There are several areas in which you can upgrade the interior, such as extended leather option for $950 and full leather for $3,500. It’s such a large sum of money, but you could end up regretting not spending that little bit extra.

Pricing BMW M4 with those options

Other interior options are an Executive Package, which consists of a heated steering wheel, satellite radio, rear-view camera, HUD and more, all of which starts at $4,000 for the M4 and $4,300 for the M3 version.

We know that both these vehicles are all about the performance, but you are able to get a little more out of each by going for the M double-clutch transmission and carbon-ceramic brakes, which cost $2,900 and $8,150 respectively.

While we are unable to see the full list of BMW M3 and M4 features for the US market, you can visit the UK website to get a better understanding of what’s to come.



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