Google Plus initiative a minor feature update

When Google announced its next big push in social networking following several failed attempts, the likes of Facebook laughed. However, a few years down the line and Google Plus is proving as popular as ever. Like all social networking services, there are always new features needed, and this one is no different.

While the latest Google Plus update is not a huge feature, it is an interesting one, as it allows you to see the popularity of your Google+ account, or those you have joined. The new feature will let people see how many times your Google+ profile has been viewed.

Google do this by looking at the number of times people view your profile, pictures and posts. Product-reviews currently stands at 13,720,915 views.

This new feature should happen automatically, but if it does not, then just click Home on the top left of your Google+ account, click Settings, scroll down to Profile and then check the box that says “Show how many times your profile and content have been viewed.”

If you do not wish people to see your page views, then make sure the box is unchecked.

We find it strange why some people would think this is another of those April Fools Day pranks from Google, although they could have picked a better time to launch a new Google Plus feature.



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