Cartoon HD app in download hunt

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 1, 2014

The Cartoon HD app might have been removed by Apple, but this hasn’t stopped iOS users looking for a download online and that fact follows others confirming you can still access free movies, music, and games within the application. This hunt for a Cartoon HD app download started the moment it was removed from iTunes.

At the start of this year we reported the Cartoon HD vanished from the App Store and that it still worked for iPhone and iPad, if you didn’t uninstalled it, although those that wanted to download the entertainment app couldn’t do this through official channels anymore.


Cartoon HD app in download hunt – our earlier article received a number of comments from Product Reviews readers and some people provided hints towards a download link for the Cartoon HD app. One source that our readers highlighted is found at, although trying to install an application from this page is done so at your own risk.

There has certainly been a lot of our readers recommending this page and even more asking for the download link to be emailed, so this alone highlights the frustration some people are feeling after seeing such a good way to access freebies being removed from iTunes.

We have tried clicking the Cartoon HD app download link from that page for both iOS and Android, although only the APK file works for Android users from a desktop computer. We then tried clicking the App Store link from an iPhone and iPad, which worked right away directly from our iOS devices.

It should be noted that while the download link for iOS reveals an image stating, “Available on the App Store”, this claim is incorrect and the download comes from another source rather than Apple’s own servers. This fact alone will be enough for a lot of people not to trust the download onto their iOS devices, although we did test this and everything installed fine without any errors that we can see at this time.

Cartoon HD app download

Would you risk downloading apps from sources other than Apple’s official App Store, or do you prefer to stick to apps approved by Apple?

Personally, we gave the application a review from this source thanks to the Cartoon HD download being removed by Apple for obvious reasons, but again we highlight the fact that this is something Apple doesn’t recommend and would be at your own risk. Feel free to leave a comment below if you installed the app, and let us know if you had any problems.

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  • Helen

    Is there anywhere to download this app from now for iPad?

  • Grace

    I cannot download anything onto my ipad!! Any ideas on why???

  • Naomi

    Has anybody been able to download it to their computer?? I have a Mac but cant seem to DL it onto it.

  • dapope

    The app has called for an update and in doing so lost the original app which caused some frustration. However after several attempts I have managed to get it back up and running. I have the app installed on several devices and I have not encountered many issues with it

  • Goblin

    We’re can I download it.

  • Jeff bunny

    Had the app since it came out on iTunes. Watched plenty of new films and entire seasons of other stuff. But now every few minutes goes to a gaming app. Don’t trust it now so not gonna open new update and stop using

  • Mrs B

    My husband has cartoon HD on his iPhone and we have used it to watch movies that were barely out of the cinema. Yesterday, the app had a message that said it won’t run with the pending IOS upgrade and if he wants to keep using it, my husband must select an OK button for a “direct” upgrade of the Cartoon HD app. As you can understand, my husband doesn’t want to go outside of Apple’s AppStore when installing/updating apps for security reasons – so it looks like our days of free movies has come to an end.

    • Dan

      This would seem to be the owners trying to get you to download. I had a similar message a few weeks ago but I was unhappy installing the “direct” upgrade. I can however, confirm that I updated my iOS yesterday to 7.1.1 and the cartoon hd app still works

      • Mrs B

        Why would the owners be trying to get us to download directly? Could there be legitimate reasons? (E.g. are they are trying to avoid Apple charges?) And… who ARE the owners? I’d feel more comfortable using an app if the owners weren’t anonymous, untrackable developers with poor english. I would love to know their agenda!

        • Dan

          Essentially it’s because Apple removed the app from the App Store, presumably for copyright violations. That means you can’t download the app or its updates from the App Store as you normally would. As for the identity of the owners, I have no idea, I’m afraid.

  • Dog

    What happens if you download it and it warns you not to open it

  • Superkat

    I have had the app since Christmas but cannot access downloaded movies offline on my iPad…… Any hints?

    • kated

      I opened app today it says to upgrade but only cartoons were have the movies gone

  • Whiphound

    I tried the android version but notice that the app is constantly using the phone CPU even when not playing anything. I don’t see any other apps doing this so I do wonder what it is up to when “idle”.

  • Dave

    Ive not had any problems and my son sits watching all the lattest movies over and over again, Managed to download on my ipad and iphone (cool when at work) but the rest of my family were too late.

  • Eric

    I’ve not had any problems whatsoever, i watch it all the time, I’ve even cancelled my Sky subscription saving me £42 a month because I can get equal content for free from the net and cast to my TV.

  • Richard

    Not had a problem streaming the movies but downloading them can sometimes not work

  • David

    The app is on my iPad but keeps pausing. Looks great.

  • gee

    this app is fin I have been using it since January and not had any problems . so please people stop fear mongering about the app , if ur not fast ur last . peace

  • Princess Ariel

    I managed to install it on my ipad, and the movie list is great! Unfortunately, I can’t watch anything, because it keeps freezing! Won’t play for more than a few seconds at a time.