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Noah movie, cataclysmic annihilation with an iPad

There is no denying that the iPad has made its way into many professions, and the movie industry is just one of them. Some people use iPads on set in order to keep things to schedule, amongst other things. However, special effects teams are starting to use them to control key sequences in movies.

A fine example of this would be on the Noah movie set, as Mike Seymour from FXguide controlled the cataclysmic annihilation scene with the use of a custom iPad app. The big flood is the key point in the movie, and getting it right was so important, and we’re sure Apple loved the idea that one of its products helped achieve this.

You will see in the video that it wasn’t easy getting the big flood scene in Noah right, as the special effects team had to take control of a storm machine, which made it rain and caused the wind to blow violently.

The huge rig that was used during the movie managed to pour around 5,000 gallons of water per minute, and so the iPad app needed to make this task as simple as possible.

Using the iPad app allowed the team to make adjustments on the fly, such as the amount of rain that fell, to getting the lighting correct.

While we cannot help but admire the use of an iPad app to help complete a pivotal part of the Noah movie, we can’t help feel as though it was a huge waste of water.



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