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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike PC release going live today

On March 25th we had assumed that Battlefield 4 Naval Strike would be made available for the PS4, Xbox One and also the PC, and as such gave you a list of likely release times. However, it wasn’t long after that DICE decided to delay the PC version due to performance issues. However, we can now tell you that the PC release will be live today.

At the time the Xbox One version was also delayed, although it was finally released two days later, March 27. We were expecting to wait until early April for DICE to release the PC version of Battlefield 4 Naval Strike, so this is pretty good news.

The DICE Blog does state that the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike PC download is only available to Premium members for now, and as yet offers no other details.

We do hope that DICE has not rushed things and were able to resolve the performance issues they had with Battlefield 4 Naval Strike running on the PC? If you have managed to download the new expansion pack, then do share your thoughts.



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