The Elder Scrolls Online PC, Mac release time

By Matt Tran - Mar 29, 2014

We are edging closer to The Elder Scrolls Online release date and now the launch times have finally been revealed. The Elder Scrolls Online release time for PC and Mac varies between regions, with early access options being offered in the US and Europe, Australia and Singapore.

The 5 day early access will become live for players in these regions on March 30th (Sunday) with North America kicking off the action at 7 AM EDT. Early access to TESO for Europe is at 1 PM CEST; however the UK will be able to play an hour earlier at 12 PM GMT. The Elder Scrolls Online release time for Australia is at 10 PM AEDT and Singapore at 7 PM SGT.

Once these release times have commenced the 3 day early access will begin on April 1st (Tuesday) in the same countries at exactly the same times as the 5 day early access. As for the full launch itself, the US gets access a day earlier only due to time zone differences. Load The Game reports that The Elder Scrolls Online will fully launch in North America on April 3rd (Thursday) at 7 PM EDT.

TESO launches in Europe at 1 AM CEST on Thursday 4th April, with the UK getting live access an hour earlier at 12 AM GMT. Australian players will be able to get online at 10 AM AEDT, with Singapore getting their release at 7 AM SGT on Thursday April 1st.

While it may seem unfair that Singapore get The Elder Scrolls Online a few days earlier, the launch is in fact around the same time as the other regions. The time zone difference simply makes the release time look much earlier. Players who have pre-ordered TESO will be entitled to early access with everyone else will having to wait to get online on April 4th, are you ready!?

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  • bob

    it feels a little say they promise us 3 days early access but really its 2days and 2 hours

  • Adam Acuo

    Feel sad that it’s launching without controller support.

  • Kappa

    I just find it a little disappointing that we Australians have to wait til almost midnight for the early release, especially since most of us have jobs that start in the early morning.

  • Goose

    I felt the need to correct you. Australians will be able to get on at 10pm AEDT. Not 10am. We live in a timezone ahead of EDT by a larger margin than just 3 hours. The difference is in fact 15 hours.

    • 1284

      He did say Midnight, no need to correct him.

      • mambo

        its a little