GTA V online cross-platform potential

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 29, 2014

There’s a growing desire among gamers to see Grand Theft Auto V release on PS4 and Xbox One, as only a GTA Online version, rather than a fully fledged GTA V standalone game for the new consoles. Some feel this could also open up the Xbox One and PS4 to playing friends on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, even though seasoned gamers know the reality is Microsoft don’t allow Sony players to connect with Xbox Live users.

GTA V Online potential – those of you that play GTA V online might feel this area of the game is totally separate to the offline version, so with this in-mind it seems that the multiplayer side of the game could have a lot more to offer than its single player mode. GTA V’s Online mode brings new DLC just like the single player game, and the latest content came in the form of a Business update that delivered new cars like the Albany Alpha, Dinka Jester, and Grotti Turismo R.

It is worth noting each update to Grand Theft Auto Online brings both new content and bug fixes. The last patch for GTA V was 1.11, which delivered fixes to making money glitches and other bugs, although some gamers want to see a lot more with the GTA V 1.12 update and also particular DLC like Heists. We should also note that being able to own more garages in GTA Online is also very important, so at least a second garage / property is needed in the multiplayer game.

Would you like to see the PS4 and Xbox One receive GTA V as an online only game? Do you feel this part of the game has a lot more potential?

Personally, we’d love to see the full GTA V port on Xbox One and PS4, but if this looks unlikely within the next year, then an online only game would be much better than nothing. Considering everything is stored in the cloud, this should be possible without a lot of effort and considering millions of PS4/Xbox One’s have been sold, I’d expect sales to make it worthwhile and maybe even help people upgrade to the new generation of consoles.

GTA V online cross-platform – it is clear Microsoft would have a hard time letting PS4/PS3 gamers connect with Xbox Live players, but why shouldn’t it be possible to play GTA V Online with PS3 owners while playing on the PS4? The same could be said for Xbox One and Xbox 360, so this type of cross-platform gaming should happen in our opinion and would help drive up unit sales of the new consoles.

Leave a comment below detailing what potential you see in GTA Online for PC and all consoles, although we’d also love to hear your thoughts on any type of cross-platform potential with Grand Theft Auto. It is fair to say PC owners need the full GTA V game, but there’s so much PS4 and Xbox One owners could enjoy with an “Online Only” version. Heists, various DLC/online updates, online stock market, property, and add-ons like cycling, vehicles, and clothing.

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  • E.T.

    I don’t give a flying f*** about gta v single player. I most definitely think that it should be on the xbox one. I think its obvious.

  • beast276

    i dont know why people were useing the dns code just to get hacks and stuff and get a higher rank to me it dosent make no sense to use a dns code to get higher rank its stupid

  • Suchet B

    Xbox and Playstation cross play may not happen however I can’t see any reason why Pc and ps3/ps4 cross play shouldn’t happen.

  • fukyomama

    I think xbox and PlayStation should let online users play eachother

  • Tyler54zp

    They just need to focus on one thing and give their fans what they want now.. Which is hiests and new and more propertys to own. They can’t even do this so maybe after they accomplish this goal we can talk mulit-platform.

    • Jz

      Spoken like a true “non-next gen” console owner

      • Douglas Flahart

        Well I still wouldn’t but it for ps4 I have it for ps3 why buy the same game twice.

      • Jake

        Not willing to pay $500 for a game system that won’t play my current games…soooo yes I am a non next gen and there are many of us that our mommies don’t buy us everything we want we work for what we get

  • CornTheDon33

    People are craving cross-platform play not only for GTA V but for lots of games with online play. Rockstar should capitalize on it before someone else does. Also, there should be an option to buy a second property. I’m a PS3 player and i wish i could play with some Xbox and Xbox One users. Please Rockstar, make it cross-platform

    • John

      Microsoft wouldn’t allow it. They are a bunch of snobs right?

    • sirdan357

      Nothing to do with Rockstar, everything to do with the console makers.

  • Acid reflux

    Rockstar started it all on PC, without the support of PC players, GTA series wouldn’t even exist. PC players deserve a full, decent version of GTA V.
    Shame on you Rockstar, for forgetting your PC root.

    • Maxim Barnett

      They will release it on PC, be patient!

      • John


    • John

      Hahahahaha, stop being a butthurt little whiny boy!! If they could have released it on console on launch, they would have (and they did later). GTAIII is what MADE Rockstar the previous iterations are what put them on the map and gave them the platform to move forward (they didn’t even make the first on you muppet)! Look, the GTA you know today would not exist if it wasn’t for the PS2 so you should really be thankful they even made a PC version of the GTA games! I really don’t understand some of you PC gamers, why don’t you just go out and buy a console – they are so damn cheap, and 2nd hand ones are peanuts now. I would buy one exclusively for Sony exclusives and GTA, would save you all this whining and complaining!

      • ThatOne

        I’m glad not all console gamers are as ignorant as you are. I have nothing against console gamers; except maybe the auto aim (the guy who invented that should be shot dead in my book). But in any case to each their preferences.

        The ONLY reason GTA3 was so popular is because they made it 3D. What are you talking about the first one was not made for PC?!? ALL GTA titles always have been top sellers in the PC market. If Rock Starch would have released the PC version at the same time as PS2 you can bet the sales on both side would have been pretty much the same if not higher on the PC side since GTAs was already very popular over there.

        Has it occurred to you by any chance that a great deal of PC gamers also have consoles? And if they but a title for console first they may verywell not buy it AGAIN when it’s available for PCs… especially if it’s 6+ MONTHS after. They may buy it a second time for PCs when it gets discounted on Steam and these type of sales are never registered.

        Look-up the sales figures for Diablo III (initially a 2012 PC exclusive) and tell me if the PC gaming industry is dead. Rock Starch dam well know the PC gaming industry is still strong and that there is a great deal of money to be made. The reason they are trying to drive the PC community in to switching to console is because for them it’s much easier to build games for consoles. Note that i always found all GTA titles to be of great quality even for PCs.

        As long that great games are being made for PCs i will buy them and stay away from consoles.

  • hesam

    I dont have a ps3 or 360, and if i want to buy a console its gonna be next gen and I don’t wanna purchase both PS3 and PS4 to play the full game . I love singleplayer as much as online . (same goes for xbox) . what I really want is GTA V on pc, not a poor port. a complete experience without issues .

    • Damien

      P.C is for nerds and losers with no friends. Gta Online is designed for people with lives to play with their friends. Go and play with your shitty little mouse and keyboard you try hard fag

    • John

      Dream on then mate, if you think it will have no issues! Just go and buy a PS3, they are so bloody cheap! I don’t know why anyone would wait this long to buy GTA. They haven’t even so much as mentioned that there will be a PC release, and IF there will be one, its probably months away still! I would say its more likely to have a port to PS4 before PC.