GTA V Heists payout for DLC

By Daniel Chubb - Mar 29, 2014

The Grand Theft Auto V Heists DLC is the most requested add-on for the majority of Product Reviews readers and details for the update have mostly come from rumors, although recently the potential GTA V Heists payout become a hot topic among fans along with the amounts that seem fair after doing missions.

An ideal GTA V Heists payout – when the DLC finally meets its release date, everything will be known and currently the details emerging seem to be based on so-called leaked videos and lines of code. We have embedded one video below this article that claimed to leak Heist beta gameplay, and while this claim should be taken with a pinch of salt, it is the debate it created that interested us most.

Some gamers expect the payouts to be around $80,000, although the same people hope to be able to hit the heist again and again to make lots of money playing online. If this was the case, then you could expect a total of $80,000 for a Heist that would be divided into $20,000 for each player.

We have already heard from the gaming community in regard to this figure for Heists and comments like, “Lame”, are common considering there’s a feeling that $20,000 each doesn’t seem enough. Others are a little more positive by thinking, “There will be loads more heists that come with higher payouts”. Of course, if it was $80,000 each, this would be much more favorable.

It is also worth noting a few YouTube users claim a line of code revealed the GTA V Heists DLC will come with a $20,000 payout, although we are yet to see a source to back up this claim. The problem some GTA V players have is that the Heists DLC should offer the “highest pay of all the jobs in online”, and the so-called beta video on YouTube revealing basics of GTA V Heists is either fake or not the full picture of the payments you can expect.

What do you think would make the ideal Heists payout for the upcoming GTA V DLC? Do you think the money should be a lot higher?

Personally, if we received $20,000 each per heist then this could end up being more fun rather than just doing survival for building up money.

The previous GTA Online update was titled “Business“, which some feel it delayed the Heists DLC that a lot of fans are dying to get hands-on with.

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  • joeutdmk

    rockstar said whe you do a heist you can steal the money of your criminal friends and take the loot yourself i bet that wont happen now GTA has become stupid

  • Brad2rad

    Everyone’s bitching about the payout….. Sigh. Stop your complaining until R* release the dlc. Then, and only then, well we know what they will pay. R* will not only give 20k each when coveted/rooftop rumble/survival give choose to that our the same amount. We can ask speculate about the amount but ffs, just wait and see.

    • brad2rad


      • brad2rad


        Seriously, phone?

  • Snacks

    All these people are complaining about 20k a heist an about the shark cards costing so much for ‘little’ money, if you actually sat there and did missions and robbed stores and all that, you would have a good sum of cash. You must EARN THE MONEY. It’s harder to earn money for a reason. They made it harder to earn a good sum of money so everyone wouldn’t get bored of having everything in the game so easily. That’s what true gamers like, is a challenging game.

    • Apukuski

      Heist should give depending duration and difficulty 30-50k each minimum.

      You are not real gamer. if u were u would get the fact that freaking top tuned car blows up = 10+k, use granades or regular ammo or armor = 1-2k / mission. Then one of u “gamers” trolls and destroy objective. Great. And u cant use airstrikes or merc or give out bounties or anything because it costs 2 much.


      ps. yeh and my english sucks. deal with it.

  • GANGSTA CHRI$$$ 🔫💵💎

    just hold on gta fans were going home

  • nigganinjanugget

    Now , people waiting for watch dogs ! <3

    • Apukuski


  • suck

    game is boring and repetitive. heists wouldve felt just and true 4 months back with 100,000 dollar payouts each. instead your just gonna make 20,000 and make them equal to every other heist that pays out 17 18 thousand. this game is just frustrating and the fact its so hard to make money to enjoy the content makes this game a solo campaign only game that i beat and am now thinking of returning for 10 bucks that its worth.

    • suck

      every other mission not heist***

    • Apukuski


  • timmy totten

    Hopefully like 250k to 1 million per hist depending on the difficulty people have stopped playing because its to hard to make money and there’s to money cheaters maybe add more military stuff to. I guarantee more people would play!!

  • Blake Harris

    Pretty lame considering the first heist on single player gets you 400k but I knew it would be the case because nobody would buy the POS shark cards that shouldn’t even exist if missions pay out decent. I’m kinda amazed anyone still plays this crappy game as many times as Rock* has screwed over their players. There only seems to be hackers that play, everyone is rich and has everything and nobody joins missions anymore

    • K

      Bro you are a douche bag, Rock star is trying alright and you just can’t ask why do people still play the game, that is like asking Why are you bashing Rock*.

  • Eli Silva

    20000 grand a piece really that blows 80k or more would be better how about a 20 car garage I use all my cars in my garage I don’t want to keep replacing. My son who’s 6 wanted a bike just so he can ride on when he played my game it don’t cost much from mors so I said fine. So I only have 9 cars to play with. How about giving us the scuba gear or an extra ten car garage out of town or a mansion.

    • alex

      a multi story carpark as a garage would be awesome

  • Forseti

    I’d rather just do money glitches instead of wasting time playing for ages for money and considering how much everything else in the game costs. Glitches it is just the money one though the ones that make you invisible are just cheap.

    • Amen!

      Tell me about it bro, i do a certain money glitch that gives me $688,000 per sale, why would i do a single heist for 20-80k which takes over 5 minutes when my glitch takes only 3 minutes and i can non stop repeat it…

      oh and i played this mission when the DNS codes were available, ‘Ornate bank heist’, this mission sucked ass so bad if this is what heists are like i wont be playing gta v anymore..

  • KickHimNow

    Wow really 20k each that’s real stupid I waited for heist for this?? At least give us 180,000 or maybe 200k

  • Airsoftelite

    Give us police, military and emergency service uniforms for heists and free play!

  • guest

    Well if they do add mansions or houses 80, 000 would be better. I could see them capping how many times you can do it like once a day or something. I haven’t been keeping up with it but I’m guessing heists come with the pc and other platform releases.


    Think we should have big payouts considering heists have preparation that need to have done in story mode it was millions I’ll settle with a forth of that…and hurry up with the heist

  • Bain Golfwang

    Video is obviously fake. “Enterance”? Really?

    • Maxim Barnett

      They still haven’t finalised the settings for the heists as they are not official yet meaning it is perfectly normal for there to be a spelling error.

      • sweeny

        Who cares you can already get $18000 thousand from missions I got $6million from missions and not a damn thing to spend it on we need more or bigger garages maybe a mig fighter jet a zombie apocalypse, Armageddon and less cops in free mode more cops in missions come on rock star

        • John

          Zombies are so overdone. Aliens would be more realistic as there are many alien references in single player.