Battlefield 4 review six months on

By Alan Ng - Mar 9, 2015

Battlefield 4 may have been out for a good 6 months, but it is never too late to write about our thoughts on what we think of the follow-up to Battlefield 3. We’ve seen plenty of criticism in these six months since release, but those who have played the game will still summarize one key factor.

That factor, is that Battlefield 4 can still offer a gameplay experience like no other – especially Call of Duty Ghosts. Don’t get us wrong, we like COD Ghosts and its arcade style of gameplay which is perfect if you have a limited time to spend on gaming.

However, for out and out tactical warfare for 64 players at once, Battlefield 4 is the game to turn to. We know a lot of you have had problems with various bugs including sound glitches at the start of every map, but when it works – it’s a fantastic experience.

There’s just nothing quite like choosing your vehicle of choice, heading over to the first Conquest point as quick as possible and then watch as action unfolds in every single corner of the map. We love how the next-gen versions of Battlefield 4 are now on par with PC in terms of cut-content, an issue that made PS3 and Xbox 360 BF3 users suffer compared to PC.

It’s now on a level playing field with Battlefield 4 on PS4 or Xbox One though, ensuring that there shouldn’t be any problems whatsoever with players having to wait all the time for vehicles to spawn as with BF3.

Can you have the Battlefield experience anywhere else?

Can you have the Battlefield experience anywhere else?

As with BF3, it’s not an easy learning curve though. Heading straight into online multiplayer is a nerve racking experience and you’ll probably find yourself running around like a headless chicken on Conquest as you get to grips with the absolute carnage that is going on around you.

Luckily, DICE has made this starting experience a lot more pleasurable by offering shortcuts for players to unlock pistols and grenades from the very get go. This may not make those who have spent hours unlocking them very happy, but then again the Battlefield 4 battleground really isn’t a forgiving place if you are jumping into a server without the basic unlocks.

It really does pay well to unlock those weapons and attachments as soon as possible. You won’t stand a chance against experts with the full unlock arsenal of attachments if you are using a rifle without a holographic or red dot sight.

We would also recommend that you spend the time to work your way through the assignments as well including the expansion assignments such as China Rising and Second Assault. Weapons such as the L85A2 assault rifle and the L9A61 sniper rifle are only accessible by completing China Rising assignments.

These include painful tasks such as a Defibrillator kill, but once you have them you’ll instantly go up a few notches in kill to death ratio. One of our Battlefield 4 best setup personal favorites is the ACW-R carbine, which is available through any class – it’s one of the best weapons in the game in our opinion and has a fantastic accuracy, albeit you’ll be running out of ammo very fast.

We’ve seen some complaints that Battlefield 4 is too similar to BF3 to warrant a $60 purchase. However, we feel that the new maps and the variety that the new vehicles add is a price worth paying for the replayability factor and a gameplay experience that differs all the time.

Operation locker is absolute carnage, every time without fail.

Operation locker is absolute carnage, every time without fail.

Think about that for a second, every single online match in Battlefield 4 can offer a different experience everytime. You could be sitting in a transport helicopter only to be dropped off at the very summit of Guilin Peaks for a sniper’s paradise session – or you could be blown away by a jet pilot that doesn’t know how to fly, it’s all fun nevertheless. We ask you: which other FPS shooter can offer this experience every single time without fail?

Battlefield 4 isn’t perfect, we know that and the sound cut off issue is definitely very annoying. The pleasing thing to see though is that DICE are trying to improve the game at a frequent pace and once they iron out everything, Battlefield 4 could be the best console shooter experience for a long time to come – or of course until Battlefield 5 arrives.

Adding Battlefield 4 Premium into the mix and you’ll also be able to experience some of the favorite maps from Battlefield 3 such as Operation Metro and Operation Firestorm. You’ll also gain access to the recently released Naval Strike expansion which adds four new water-based maps to get stuck into.

It’s important to remember the experience that Battlefield 4 offers compared to other games of its genre. Underneath the bugs that will inevitably be fixed, it’s a fantastic adventure that you’ll have a ton of fun with friends that you can’t replicate anywhere else.

For that reason we would still recommend Battlefield 4 to you and your mother. Operation Locker is just absolute chaos and we have a feeling that most of you are still loving it right now. What about flying SUAV planes into those coming up the escalators of Siege of Shanghai?

There’s just too many Battlefield 4 moments to note here, but let us know your thoughts on the game six months after release. Do you disagree with the slight negativity that is creeping around at the moment, and agree with us that it is still a fantastic experience none the less?

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  • anando das gupta

    How much did ea pay you for this article?

  • Jayson Casavant

    Have you actually played this game on ps4? The lag on Conquest and Conquest large makes the game all but unplayable. Dice would like to blame my Internet connection (your network is experiencing severe packet loss) but magically move to a tdm or domination Server and my network works fine. The new naval strike Dlc features a new game mode carrier assault. It might be fun but all this double xp weekend dice loses my connection after a few minutes of large play. Again, no such issues on Dom or tdm. 6 months in and this game still plays like $100 beta. Dice has lost a great number of thier fan base. I will never waste my money on one of their titles again.

    • M4rduk

      My thoughts exactly. On another note, how the hell do you play Conquest (non-large)? I never get any servers if I look for them with the game browser (not showing full or empty servers).


    I’ll wait until it’s really cheap. Bugs galore ads? Thanks but no thanks.

  • My only issue with this game has been the rubber banding that hasn’t been fixed. I’ve got all of the hardware to run at the ultra settings yet I have to set the quality below that all in the name of trying to alleviate some of that issue.

    • M4rduk

      On the PS4, Conquest is now unplayable on all maps. As soon as the player count goes above about 20, rubberbanding sets in and you’re done having fun. It wasn’t this bad 3 months ago.

      • Scott

        @M4rduk I find that there’s actually no lag with the Conquest mode on PS4 after the latest patch, however before that I switched from WiFi to ethernet and it has improved the gameplay a lot. Try that, if not try changing up the network smoothing factor in any match with lag. I usually lower it 20 points for Conquest and have it up to 60 for any other mode, even 100 on the smallest maps. It’s a pain, yes, but it helps.

        • M4rduk

          I will try that. Been holding off switching from wifi to wired because my ps4 is about 15 feet away from my wifi antenna and I’m not seeing any lag or similar effects in other multiplayer games.

          Thanks for the info!

        • M4rduk

          Sadly, no go. While going to wired did marginally improve the situation, it’s still rubberbanding to the point of being unplayable. Also played with the smoothing factor until I was all the way down to zero. No changes.

          What’s weird is that I can point to down to the map level. I get almost no rubberbanding on China Rising maps. The minute I enter any of the Naval Strike maps, rubberbanding is immediate and intolerable.

          Looks like it’s TDM and Domination for now. At 16 players, I’m not seeing any rubberbanding at all.

  • Aaron Roydhouse

    I had not played COD or BF before the PS4 came out, but I had seen the fan rivalry. Now I have played both and I don’t really get that people compare them. They are both good and fun in their own way, but COD is like an arcade, laser-tag version of BF. If you have 10 minutes to play with a friend, COD is perfect. If you have an hour for intense, immersive play, BF is like nothing I’ve seen before. Awesome. I hope Elder Scroll Online battles will have the same vibe!

  • Mike

    I would rather play a broken BF4 game with tons of problems, rather than a COD game anyday. COD cannot top BF.

    • Kirby Berry

      I’m with Mike now granted I used to play cod from mw2-black ops one and then a friend told me to pay battlefield 3 I was hooked and swore yo never play cod again and to this day I will never buy another cod cookie cutter game again cause a broken battlefield is still fast beyond what cod well ever be able to bring to the table

  • Miwwa

    All I cant say is “get you hands out of EA pockets”. The game is still a broken mess with a horrible amout rubberbanding in 2 base maps and 6/12 DLC maps just makes the game unplayable. Funny how you forgot to mention that.

    • Robbed by EA

      Amen Brother! A complete marketing essay for which ea happily footed the bill. Battlefield 4 is a disappointment to the core, broken at best, the experience is largely overinflated with levelution which, aside from parcel storm, merely serves as a trigger to deteriorate the performance of the game even more. Having been a battlefield fan since day one, ea will not see me returning.
      It’s a pity ea is out of the running for the golden poo award, they deserve it.

      • Shag

        Oh come on… I’m definitely no EA supporter, but stop giving the publisher all the fault. Titanfall is also published by EA and that game is as close to perfection as you can get. Yes, it’s simple and CoD like, but hell, it’s fun to play abd bug free as far as i experienced it.

        • M4rduk

          The publisher *is* at fault. EA pushed DICE to get BF4 out of the door before Activision’s CoD Ghosts. DICE has admitted that BF4 was not ready to launch, EA told them to ship it now and fix it later. Turns out 6 months of fixing is not enough to get this game close to something that is launch worthy. Titanfall has no direct competitor; there’s no other mech game coming out aroung the same time. No need to rush it out the door.

  • Brandon Gerdes

    If you can muster the patience to battle through the bugs and freezes, then this game is an experience that you will never find somewhere else. There is no comparison. While I have dumped almost 250 hours into the game because I am such a diehard Battlefield fan, I am not sure I would recommend it to a newcomer; simply because I’m afraid that the bugs, glitches, and constant freezing would shy them away from the series forever. In spite of this, I have paid for Premium on top of the $60 game because I have 100% faith that DICE will make good on their promises to get it in working condition. I think the problems with the game are primarily the result of a development cycle that was too short coupled with the shift between console generations. I have faith. It will be fixed eventually, and in the meantime, I will continue to play because there is no game on the market that can offer a comparable experience.