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Galaxy Note 3 Kitkat update live on AT&T

It is going to be a great weekend for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 owners on AT&T. We can confirm some fantastic news to you now, as the official Galaxy Note 3 Android 4.4 Kitkat update is now rolling out to everyone.

It has been a long time coming it has to be said, with many Galaxy Note 3 owners without a contract already running the latest version of Google’s operating system.

Better late than never though, AT&T has finally stepped up to the plate with the update that is now rolling out as we speak. The file size is 541MB so we advise you to download and install the update when you are connected to WiFi, rather than local data.

Once updated, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits that Kitkat has to offer, including a general performance upgrade as well as a new user interface that contains many visual tweaks compared to Jelly Bean.

Hopefully once many of you have the update, you won’t be experiencing some of the Galaxy Note 3 GPS problems that have plagued the device in the past, as one user points out above.

Let us know where you are at the moment and if you have already started your update. Is the Note 3 with Kitkat the best Android device on the market right now in your opinion?



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