2014 Roku Streaming Stick shipping, price no concern

Last summer Google announced they were to release Chromecast, which was a device set to take on Apple TV and Roku. However, it was clear from the start that Chromecast was lacking in features, although in time the library of content would increase.

This would mean the dongle could become a huge headache for Roku, and so it was clear that they had to come up with something in order to compete. Enter the 2014 Roku Streaming Stick, which is a more convenient way to gain access to Roku features.

Using the Roku dongle will still give you access to 1,200 channels and more than 31,000 movies, and those numbers increase all the time.

You might wonder why we would be discussing this once again? Well, we can tell you that the 2014 Roku Streaming Stick is now shipping, and even though its price is a little higher than that of Chromecast, it’s a small price to pay for all that extra content.

Having said that, we had assumed that the HDMI 2014 Roku Streaming Stick would cost just $50, but from what we have seen the price is $69.99. However, we have also seen it for $50,00 on Amazon, so that seems to be the place to buy it.

The $15 extra is not that bad when you consider you get a remote as well, although you can also use your smartphone or tablet to control the new HDMI version of the Roku Streaming Stick.



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