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Sky Broadband and Talk down

We recently learned that Sky Broadband and Talk went down in several areas in London. Looking on the Sky service status page we can see that they have listed Broadband, Fibre and Talk services in Mortlake, Twickenham and Richmond Kew.

However, upon further investigation we can see that these Sky services are also down in several other areas. These areas include, Romford Essex, Balham, London.

We assumed that these issues were only affecting areas of London, but we have also been told that other places around the country are also experiencing issues. Places like Manchester, although we believe that this is just an isolated incident.

Sky broadband and talk down

Sky has said that they are aware of the issues with its Broadband, Talk and Fibre services and is working hard to resolve the situation. They also apologise if this has caused any inconvenience.

It’s not like we should be surprised by this because it wasn’t long ago when Sky Broadband and Talk were down in areas of Thanet for a couple of days. When BT services go down Openreach work on the job right away, but Sky customers have to wait a little longer before Openreach is on the job to help resolve the issue.

Are Sky services down for you?



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