Predator surprise in COD Ghosts Devastation DLC

Players of Call of Duty: Ghosts and fans of the Predator franchise should be very excited for the next content drop. The COD Ghosts Devastation DLC which arrives on April 3rd is coming with a Predator surprise which should add a killer twist to one of the new multiplayer maps.

A short video clip which you can watch here, virtually confirms the Predator’s appearance in the upcoming DLC. The footage was uploaded to the official Call of Duty Instagram page earlier today. The caption reads “if it bleeds…” which is a classic quote from the first movie. From what we can see the map which the Predator features in appears to be called ‘Ruins’.

As you can see from the clip the map resembles the Predator’s typical hunting environment with plenty of trees and high vantage points. The other content in the Devastation DLC are 3 maps titled Behemoth, Unearthed and Collision; as well as a new weapon and Extinction Mode map. Devastation will arrive first on Xbox One and Xbox 360, following around a month later on PlayStation.

What are your thoughts on this surprise Predator addition to the next Call of Duty DLC map pack, are you excited?



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