Plenty of Fish down

- Mar 27, 2014

We have just been informed that the Plenty of Fish website is down and this outage today was unexpected with no planned maintenance to our knowledge. As far as we can tell, the Plenty of Fish servers went offline within the last few hours and haven’t been down too long.

In the past couple of years we have heard about the popular dating website going down on a number of occasions, so this wouldn’t be the first time Plenty of Fish has gone down. You can see other articles reporting different issues with Plenty of Fish over the past few years on this hub page.


If you visit the website you will see the “failed to open” page in Safari and Firefox, although you may get different messages dependent on your browser.

It is worth noting that most sites offer an offline message, 404 page, or even other text when maintenance is planned. For the Plenty of Fish website to be completely blank means this could be a more serious issue.

Have you had problems accessing the Plenty of Fish website today? If the site is down for you feel free to share your location and for how long you’ve seen the outage.

We checked the official Twitter page and haven’t seen an update in the last 16 hours, which basically featured a tweet about Date Night. If you notice any messages on social channels about why Plenty of Fish is down today, then feel free to share a comment.

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  • Sonny

    It’s down again today, March 11. First time this year from what I can see.

  • Tim

    Yeah…I was just on there and all is well! πŸ™‚

  • leeu

    whoooo whooo its working πŸ™‚

    • Gayle

      That’ll kill a bit of your boredom eh πŸ˜‰

  • Gayle

    First time tried to go on in a while and it’s down.. Musthe be trying to tell me something

  • leeu

    yea i haven’t been able get on since about 10-11 am πŸ™

  • newyork

    Im on it 2

  • So has anyone had real success on POF? I’m hoping for me.

    • Sean

      Only joined a week ago, so can’t really comment on that.

    • POF-poof

      No, I haven’t had much success other than exchanging msgs with women, but I never met anyone in person. Then again, I don’t spend too much time on the site now. I’ve been a member since Nov 2013.

    • seductivevoice

      Nope I am in the same boat as you pawn igo weeks with no replies and imake get on when she has no one better to talk to πŸ™ lol

      • Exactly. Women will be apt to chat with a guy when they’re bored. Men need women far more than women need men! I wish I were a woman, so that I could get pretty much anything and anyone I wanted, even without having to be nice about it!

        • jess

          Im engaged to my man who I met on pof, by the sounds of it, we are very lucky to have found eachother πŸ™‚

        • How much better than that can it get! Good for you!

  • Emma


    • Sean

      Woot πŸ™‚

      • seductivevoice

        don’t go noooooooooo !!!!! Lol

    • leeu

      i was able to log on it via the website, just the not mobile app but couldnt read or send any messages?

  • Miranda Saunders

    it been down all day im in essex

  • Emma

    Sean Are you in the uk?x

    • Sean

      I am Yes πŸ™‚

      • Emma

        Fancy chatting?x

        • Sean

          Ofc, Pof is down, I have spare time lol

        • Emma

          OFC? obviously not on here. not sure if you can message on here though lol.

        • Sean
        • Wendy Grant

          sean do you wanna chat to me to ?

        • Sean

          Im Sean-007 on pof πŸ™‚

        • Emma

          POF is back up and running – msg on there? whats your name?x

        • Sean

          Im Sean-007

        • seductivevoice

          this is my name

  • Julia

    I tried checking it this morning around seven and it would load after I refreshed it a bunch. It’s now almost two and it’s still not working. I just want to read my messages haha.

  • Xxgentxx

    It’s down in London and the weekends coming

  • Sean

    It was ok until i added my pics, then 20k profile views and 10k messages in 5 mins and kaboom πŸ™

    • Emma

      Did you get my msg?x

      • Sean

        No Emma πŸ™

  • themantheycouldnthang

    I just thought id upset someone again and had been deleted haha

  • newyork

    so annoying this was my day to relax and chat omg im so glad i clicked on google news or i would of been clicking refresh all day.

  • katherine

    Managed to get on a few hours ago and had a message but when I tried to open it it said there were no messages yet the green message symbol still said 1 message.
    Haven’t been able to get on for about 4 hours now. Really frustrating.

  • angel

    is down in uk.. , for how long? does anyone knows?, I need date soon lol

    • Sean

      Been down since about lunchtime in the UK so about 6-7 hours now

      • Emma

        Sean you in the uk?x

  • Toronto, ON Canada

    I am in Toronto and it has been down all morning and is still down now at 2 om

  • seductivevoice

    Welcome to the old school of chat this is the new pof lol

    • Sean

      Reminds me of the old yahoo chat/messenger πŸ™‚

      • seductivevoice

        You know it lol early days b4 voice that’s where I know markus from lol

        • Sean

          Think i started messing on the internet in about 97, completley changed since then πŸ™‚

        • seductivevoice

          Yes it has lots lost πŸ™ technology. Lol

        • seductivevoice

          Very first public chat was java based chat excite chat

  • rich

    POF just emailed me, reminding me I haven’t logged on today and that my profile has been viewed!! hmm, think someone is telling porkies as no one can get online. naughty pof

    • aysihah

      don’t fret crap anyway lol

  • Sean

    Think it’s safe to say it’s down everywhere lol

  • newyork

    Its been dwn in newyork since around 10ish… i met some1 i was extremely interested in last night.couldnt wait for him to respond i guess that wont happen now:(

  • Me

    It’s down in Az at the time I posted this

  • The site is down very likely because of the horrible winter blizzard the area it’s located in is experiencing. POF is based in Nova Scotia. Power probably went out

    • Homesick

      POF is in Vancouver, BC

      • seductivevoice

        But his hosting is with go daddy

        • Homesick

          Any other godaddy sites down then? and WOW! I didn’t know godaddy was based out of NS

        • seductivevoice

          I have not looked to see where they are based one sec

        • seductivevoice

          So where you from missy this sucks no profiles to perv grrrrrr lol

      • seductivevoice

        Scottsdale, Arizona is go daddys headquarters

    • seductivevoice

      that’s where go daddys loctaded ? Cuz markus lives in BC canada not the east coast I have tryed to message him over hotmail but he isnot got backto me asme and him have a past of online friends from the end of the 90s

  • Sean

    I can almost hear the clicking of Refresh from all over the world lol

    • katiestadri


  • Dave Nichols

    What are POF playing at. Some of us haven’t got time to waste. I’m on my last legs so need to meet someone get married then have some children in the next few days! 😳

    • seductivevoice

      Lol don’t forget the divorce

      • Dave Nichols

        I’ll probably be dead before that happens! 😫

        • Sean

          Death could be a safer option πŸ™‚

  • Katiestadri

    The site has been down all day here in upstate NY πŸ™ Maybe they need a new host with bigger and better servers…lol

  • Jeanette

    I’m missing out on talking to the new guy that I feel a connection with…..ARGH.

    • MissyMiss

      Loooool, me tooooooo :'( he cud hv bn the one!!!!!

      • Homescik

        you replied to your own message. How sad

  • Aj

    I just joined. Paid my money and boom. I was killing time in Vegas.
    Southern charm not all guys are looking to get in pants. I am from Alabama and seem some girls trying to do the same. Enjoy

    • That’s because your wallet is in your pants.

      • seductivevoice

        and you left them on the floor at that radoms house last night see its your fault lol

        • What’s a radom?

        • seductivevoice


        • seductivevoice

          On my cell touch screen does not like the cold fingers sometimes

  • GellerGal

    It’s been intermittent for me today, from breakfast time (NW England). Managed to get online around lunchtime but it’s down again now (5.40 pm GMT)

  • Guest

    You people in the States should all be in work anyway not trying to score πŸ˜‰

  • cl815

    No clue when it went down here in Colorado but it’s still down.

  • Mindi Shull

    Down in Indiana

  • Felix4me

    I was on POF until about 2:45 AM PDT this Morning. At that time I tried to re-enter the site to no avail. Have not been able to re-connect in the last half hour.

  • jSeXi9

    It was up as of 2am in PA and down that I have noticed since 7am.

  • jenny_penny666

    Well great I guess I’m not finding my soulmate today

    • The day isn’t over yet, so there’s still hope.

    • Jeanette

      You’re not alone!

  • seductivevoice

    Been glitching since 12 pm last night in Niagara ontario canada

  • Wendy Grant

    its been down all day hope people dont think im ignoring them

    • Meh women ignore me all the time, I’m used to it.

      • Wendy Grant

        well i dont i have manners

        • Good for you, Funny thing is, I never, ever say anything unbecoming or aggressive to them. If anything, I tell hem how much I liked their profile and that I like their long hair, for example. Nobody’s obligated to reply, I realize that, but hey, out of, say, 20 messages I think I should expect just one reply at least, if only to tell me thanks but no thanks.

        • pofmanslut

          That’s funny because I just say, “Wow, you are so damn sexy!” and I have about a 60% reply rate. Quit respecting the sluts on there! They want to be dominated.

    • seductivevoice

      Why are you ignoring me what did I do πŸ™ lmao

      • Wendy Grant

        im not lol

        • seductivevoice

          I know but I got you not to ignore me :p lol

        • Wendy Grant


  • Shawn

    I’ll talk to u here Elizabeth πŸ˜‰ lol

  • WiseMother

    Yes still down as of 1223pm central time usa. Tried to read a message and poof my potiental match was gone. Lol back to the drawing board.

  • Sean

    Sorry, Guess the servers got overloaded when i joined with all the additional messages heading my way πŸ™‚ UK

  • Annie

    It went down around 10 am on Merseyside .

  • Elizabeth

    Go figure it goes down on my day off, lame! Tried sending messages last night and was having issues. Way to go POF!

  • Southern Charm

    I was on it till 2:30 AM last night Eastern Time and it was fine. Was actually chatting with a nice guy who wasn’t trying ti get into my pants within his first 7 words! lol So anyway I logged off and went to bed and as of 1:20 PM here it’s not on.

  • Paul

    Went down in Gulf Shores Alabama sometime after 4 AM.

  • culo

    down in RI since 6am

  • D

    down since 5 this morning in Delaware

  • Mark Tahiliani

    It also down in Sicily… My future wife is missing me ~ Mark Tahiliani

  • Arielle

    Down in Chicago, IL.

  • Helenclare

    Down in uk for last 2 hours at least……

  • jess

    Down in thunder bay, ontario

  • Sara

    Noticed it was down at 5:30 this morning in So. Cal.

  • Jaclynn Morin

    down in thunder bay noticed around 9 am

  • Gary

    Its a waste of time anyway.

    • Jeanette

      No…..I’ve met great people through here!

  • Claire

    Down in Gillingham has been since 10am!!!

  • Michael Hobson

    Down in Lincolnshire, has been since about 10am this morning.

  • Kat Smith

    Down in Pennsylvania

  • Naomi Malmgren

    Down in Colorado. Hope it comes back up soon

  • crys09

    I was really about to throw my brand new phone out the window, when I couldn’t log on from about 7 am this morning, thank God I googled

  • idc

    down in north wales too soo much for my date tonight πŸ™

    • michelle

      Down in gorlestone gt yarmouth norfolk not impressed 2nd time in past week pof has gone down.

  • steph

    mines went dwn at 7am Newcastle time

  • Shazza

    I’m in bristol ..and it’s been down from about 9this mornin …. Hope up soon

  • Mike

    And y’all need to stop deleteing ppl profile for no reson fix that

  • Homesick

    I knew something was up when I checked my phone this morning and there wasn’t a dozen “meet me” from duck faced sluts

  • hollay

    Mine started at 7am Eastern time

  • SeΓ±or_Brightside

    It went down for a bit last night, and then came back shortly after midnight. I checked at 10:15am MT and nothing. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Deblyn

    We can choose to like or dislike but the proof is in how many people actually use this site…and there are millions. Whether you meet your soulmate or a new friend, or maybe just fill an evening it has brought alot of people together. So kudos to that! Hopefully it will be up soon, note the volume of users when it does come up. Have a great day!

  • rodrigo

    it started at 2 am pacific time.

  • testing the water

    Have been unable to access since at least 10.00am GMT this is a shame as I havent yet got contact details for a meet I was supposed to do at weekend . Was working OK last night. In response to bad comments I have to say there have been more awful players on paying sites was anyway going to up grade ..

  • nikki

    at least 6am in Louisville, KY

  • jason w

    500 error on firefox today

  • magda

    I hope will be back I meet my bf and father of my daughter on there and I use now to make friends I notice at 10.00 am I’m in Edmonton alberta

  • Romario Sanon

    yeah its been down since 6am down Fl

  • Tim

    POF was online as of 9 am MDT (Colorado) but I was unable to access my email. I sent in a trouble ticket at that time. When I attempted to return to the site 30 minutes later, it was offline.

  • limits

    Went dead around 10am. I am in Toronto

  • James Martin

    Oh well, no girls ever message me on it anyway.

  • shirley craig

    was on it this morning until 8 haven’t been able to access it since, im from Glasgow

  • wadeey

    Down in AZ all morning

  • Realcalifcheese

    It’s been down since I got up this morning at 5:00 am

  • tash12

    its been down for a few hours in the uk :/

  • mallieann

    it was working last night for me, but down all morning. Im in wisconsin..

    • Steven

      yah I am in wi also it been done for while it seems.

  • jjack25

    I have been getting those messages for 2 days as I changed pages, but when refreshed it would work. Tried to get on last night and nothing. Still can’t login. I get a message that says wifi or cell data isn’t enabled and it is. From West Texas.

  • zmagman24

    hey pof isnt too bad i have met some good friends off pof

  • Que te Follen

    Makes me happy as the Site is full of players and lots of ignorant shallow women.

    • wadeey

      Don’t be hating…..what site DOESNT have its share of players…..Plenty of other sites to go to……If you don’t like it….run along…

    • bovinemistress

      Ditto on shallow ignorant men.

      • Jason Walker

        We learned our craft from shallow, ignorant women.

      • steph

        amen to that lass

  • ryan

    yes pof is down