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Office for iPad free promotion

As most of you may have heard, Office for iPad is finally live. It has been a very long time in the making, but those looking for the Office for iPad download, including Word, Powerpoint and Excel apps can now find them in the App store.

The best piece of news that consumers have learned this week though, is that Microsoft will allow you to view any office documents on the iPad for free. However, if you want to actually edit and create files using Office for iPad you will need a subscription for this.

This subscription is for Office 365 which isn’t free – it will actually cost you $99 a year to use. This has alarmed some consumers who thought Office for iPad would be completely free, but then again this wasn’t to be expected from most.

Having said that, Microsoft does have some generosity in them and they’ve decided to run a great promotion on Friday March 28. Simply queue up at your nearest Microsoft Store with your iPad in hand, and if you are one of the first 50 people to do so, Microsoft will give you a Office 365 free subscription – no questions asked.

This is a great offer by Microsoft we have to say, as they could have easily made viewing Word documents a paid feature as well. They haven’t though so they do have to take credit for this – $99 may seem a little pricey though considering you’ll have to renew it each year, a one-off fee would have been more attractive.

Are you planning to take your iPad to a Microsoft Store on Friday to try and claim this offer?



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