New Samsung LED Smart Bulbs for B2B and B2C

The number of products that are able to make use of Bluetooth technology so that it can be controlled via an app is truly staggering. The list of products with this extra connectivity is far too long to list, but one that makes perfect sense to us is the light bulb.

We have seen various ways in which to control the humble light bulb, but the ability to control it via Bluetooth is the best yet. The likes of Phillips has been doing this for a few years now, and left brands like Samsung in the dark, excuse the pun.

However, not one to be left behind, several new Samsung LED Smart Bulbs for B2B and B2C markets have been announced during the Light + Building 2014 show. What makes this announcement even better is how these new bulbs come in several form factors, meaning there is a decent choice.

Samsung had bulbs like this before, but the new range has several enhancements, along with being lighter and more energy efficient. Not all these new models come with Bluetooth inside, but we can tell you that the one that does offers 15,000 hours of usage, which is said to be around 10 years of use.

There’s not really much else to talk about, as Samsung has yet to announce when these new LED Smart Bulbs will be made available, and what their prices will be.



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