Mega Charizard X 3DS XL Jealousy ignites

Here’s something that is really going to make a lot of Pokemon X and Y newcomers jealous. We see Japan getting exclusive content all of the time but this new piece of info that we have to share perhaps takes the biscuit.

It has been confirmed that one extremely lucky Japanese gamer will have the chance to win a rare Mega Charizard X 3DS XL, thought to be only one of two models created by Nintendo and arguably the most rarest 3DS XL in history now.

If this console ever shows up on Ebay, expect to pay a vast sum of money for it given how rare it is. It’s by no means easy to obtain one though. You have to be a resident in Japan and also be a Japanese grade school student – once you qualify you can participate in the Dragon King tournament, equip a Dragon-type Pokemon from X and Y and do battle with all other participants.

You can see the ultra-cool design in the image above, but it gets better – on the back of the Mega Charizard X 3DS XL, you’ll also have your name engraved on the back making this truly the stuff of dreams for some collectors out there.

It does make us wonder why Nintendo do not offer such luxurious goods in the US or UK, as we’re sure a lot of you would love to get your hands on a rare 3DS XL that nobody else has – especially if it features exclusive engraving.

Do you agree that Nintendo needs to stop favoring Japanese Pokemon X and Y players? Remember that we are still yet to have confirmation of the Darkrai event coming to the UK or US.



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