iOS 7.1.1 update pleas for problems

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 24, 2014

The iOS 7.1 update certainly delivered some new tweaks to Apple’s iPhone and iPad operating system, along with some much needed bug fixes that were detailed in the release notes, although there’s still a number of problems users are crying out to be fixed and some issues are being reported by a growing number of people.

We touched on the previous version, iOS 7.0.6, shutting down and randomly turning off with hope that the iOS 7.1 update would fix these problems. What’s strange is the fact that an iPhone 5 in the Product Reviews office has no problems with iOS 7.1, and certainly doesn’t restart randomly. The same cannot be said for an iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1 and would randomly turn off in both 7.0.6 and 7.1 when the battery drops below 30 percent.

It is worth noting that our readers also report the iPod Touch 5 would “shut off randomly on iOS 7.0.4”, and others claim “it reboots randomly, even when the battery has 25% of life left”.


What would you like fixed with the iOS 7.1.1 update once it arrives on iPad and iPhone? Will crashing or random shutting down be on your wish list?

The latest complaints being reported to both Product Reviews and Apple discussions forum include iOS 7.1 lag for a few seconds while typing or when opening a folder, Touch ID broken since updating to iOS 7.1, and apps crashing. It is fair to say that apps freezing or crashing could be due to developers not updating their application to fully support iOS 7.1.

Personally, we’d like to see the iOS 7.1.1 update bring faster animations, improvements to Touch ID, a new feature to quick reply with notifications, and of course fix the random restarts with low battery life we’ve experienced on certain iPhone/iPad models.

It would also be good to hear from our readers in regard to battery life on your iPad or iPhone with iOS 7.1 installed, do you find the battery draining as it should be? We’ve heard some claims of poor battery, although this hasn’t been an issue with any of our office hardware.

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  • skp

    So far I’ve notice the following problems with my iphone 5S after the 7.1.1 update: (1) I am missing songs, (2) phone stream album is now missing, (3) I have been having trouble sending photos via iMessage (they have to be sent as regular text), (4) I can no longer take a screen shot of my phone’s screen pushing the power button and home button simultaneously. and (5) I cannot turn iCloud back up on. I have not touched any settings that would cause these things to change. I have done several hard resets of my phone. I work with software. It is not uncommon for a software patch that was intended to fix one problem but then it ends up breaking several other things. Frustrating!!!

  • Ryan

    Updated my 4S to 7.1.1 last night. All apps work great except Facebook. It crashes before it even fully loads. I cleared all apps and restarted phone several times. Still, Facebook is the only app having problems

  • Faris

    Last night I updated my iphone 5 to 7.1.1. My phone was turned to recovery mode during the installation. No one tough the phone or intervene during this process. Now I see the ITunes icon and the cable. When connected to iTune I got the message to restore my phone. In this case I will lose my stuff and phone contents. Any solution?

    • g

      As long as you have a previous backup from the phone when it had no issues, restoring as new isn’t a problem. Let it restore as new, then once that’s done, iTunes will ask you if you want to restore from a previous backup. Select the most recent and everything will be as it was, save maybe some text shortcuts and specific user ringtones. I had to do the same with one of our iPhones a few weeks ago and it lost no information at all (other than the shortcuts and ringtones.)

      • Emillie

        My iPhone 4s did the same thing and now it’s stuck there it hasn’t said anything except that since I updated I I tried holding down the home button and power button to see if It help but no and I tried connecting to my itunes on my computer it says not connecting I’m going crazy that I can’t get into my phone

        • paul

          Same here and my most recent iTunes backups were ‘corrupt’!

    • Emillie

      Same with mr going crazy without my phone

  • iPhone user NH

    I would love to see speedier animations, battery life improved, and phone not freezing. Other than that I’m happy with the software.

  • Hunter

    I have all the things that drain your battery off and still only lasts be about 5-6hrs heavy use just using Facebook and Instagram, and 8hrs not to heavy and very light about 10-11hrs. If anybody wants battery help email me

  • Lisa

    my iphone 5 keeps crashing, the battery life seems to rapidly drain, and the touchpad it doing weird things (stalling, being frozen in an angle, always turning on face to face, or pocket dialing).

    • Hunter

      Try turning off your Bluetooth and close your apps by double clicking your home button quickly and swipe the apps upward.

  • imran

    nothing is like ios 6 plss bring those looks back plssssssssssss

  • Ogkushmastrbubbagirlscoutcookz

    I would love to see an increase transparency i like the translucent style of ios 7

  • Tre Scaggs

    I have no problems with crashing or rebooting unless jailbroken.
    Still on 7.0.6 for iPad Air, iPhone 5, 7.0.2 iPod Touch 5G.

  • numbermaniac

    I haven’t noticed much battery difference on my iPad 4 from iOS 7.0.4 to 7.1.

  • Duncan Clark

    Random reboots was a problem that so far resolved itself for me when I updated to 7.1. Insanely more stable than before. On an iPad Air.

  • Daniele Paulina

    i want that all the wifi, bt, battery, stability problems in the iphone 4s will be fix. Iphone was the only true smartphone in the world until the ios 7 came out. Now is a piece of … Apple is loosing all my respect, since Jobs death, they are an absolute mistake

  • S.I. Nies

    I own an iPad 3, and the battery life is ridiculous after i installed iOS 7.1. Hard resets seems to help for about half a day, after that the battey drains within hours. Apple, please fix this. How can it be this wasn’t noticed in Beta testing.

  • Brad

    I just bought a iphone 5c cause my iphone 4s went to hell but after the update im dissapointed cause ive wasted 670 dollers to have my phone battery suck just as much if not more. Battery was amazing phone wasnt slow but now its just terrible hadne even had my phone a month.

    • Hunter

      Turn your Bluetooth off. And wifi off when not connected to it. Close your running apps by double clicking your home button very quick and swipe the apps upward.

  • No noticeable battery problems with my iPhone 5S. Just disappointed that the buttons look crappy when enabled. I liked having buttons, but the buttons just look too displeasing to the eye I just turned it off.

  • Moeen

    Batter draining alot

  • Ig

    Battery life is awful on the iPod touch ever since upgrading to iOS 7.0. 7.1 made it even worse. Performance is still fast, as it was on 7.0. I’m not having any trouble with rebooting either.

  • srinivasan

    The Battery Life is not good.

  • OJ

    Wrong and missing key national holidays in Thailand, particularly Buddhist holidays where we follow ‘moon calendar’. Not a fixed date every year, please.

  • Simona

    The battery draining is killing me. I used to be so happy after switching from a Samsung to iPhone because the battery life made a tremendous difference in my user experience. Now, after this latest update, the battery life on my iPhone 5 is worse than my old Samsung. Why would Apple ever develop such an update? What’s the use of all the tweaks if you can’t even enjoy them for a decent length of time? I have to now make sure I always have a charger in my purse and now have to purchase one of those stupid portable battery chargers.
    I have two little kids I’m always chasing after and this makes things harder.
    So now the iPhone 5 is s***status. Thanks APPLE! #firstworldproblems

  • Karan

    My iPhone 5s suffers from over heating and battery drain issues. I have reset my device to factory and installed iOS 7.1 again, but still the same. Usually after my work day I would have 35% left over, now it is at 40% by lunch time, and usage is minimal.

  • Iphone

    Get a new phone

  • Frustrated iPhone User

    I have an iPhone 4 and when I first updated to ios 7.0 my front camera stopped working. It didn’t bother me to much but I would like it to work. Now I update to ios 7.1 and my home button does work and my phone freezes constantly. I’ve tried all possible solution to fix the problems but nothing works.

    • xwsw

      I just bought 5S for the touch id feature. Thank you apple – it doesn’t work for me, and there is no option to downgrade. Maybe you can stop advertising this feature if it is not working due to your shitty development?