Sign-up to Gmail visual update

During one of the many updates to Gmail, Google had decided to offer tabs at the top of your inbox so that you could categorize emails. One of those categories that appear as a tab at the top is Promotional mail, which as you well know contains many images.

This is because these emails are usually for things like new clothes, or certain activities, which some of you may wish to see. Currently, those images are hidden within the email, and can often be far down, and as a result can be hard to find the deal or promotion that is right for you.

It is for this very reason why Google has set up a trial for a future update to the Gmail Promotions tab, with a main goal of helping you to find your target much faster.

Gmail visual update sign-up

You are able to sign-up for this Gmail visual update HERE, although you are not guaranteed to be selected. Some of the changes will be a new grid view, allowing you to see key images and deals hidden within the email itself, but only if you have the Promotions tab enabled.

One other new feature is infinite scrolling, which is said to make it much easier to quickly scan through Gmail messages.

Are you interested in signing up to the new grid view in Gmail, or do you think this is a worthless visual update, and that Google should concentrate on the more important things, just like they recently did by improving security?



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