Crash Bandicoot PS4 hopes with PS1 emulation

By Alan Ng - Mar 27, 2014

We have some pleasing news for those of you who have bought a PS4 system with the hope that PS4 PS2 and PS1 classics support will come via official emulation.

Sony has their PlayStation Now service on the way of course later this year, but we’ve heard an insider update from a source who states that local PS4 PS2 and PS1 compatibility is coming too.

Not only is it coming, but it is also coming with 1080p too. What this means, is that Sony could offer games such as Crash Bandicoot digitally on the PSN, but enhanced on the PS4 with 1080p visuals.

As you can see from the Tweet above, the information has once again come from industry leaker Ahsan Rasheed who usually has a very reliable track record in revealing information early.

There is no confirmation of dates yet, but just the thought of being able to play select PS1 and PS2 titles on your PS4 in 1080p should be more than enough to get you excited.

You’ll also notice that Sony looks finally ready to give consumers the highly requested 3D Blu-Ray player support on the PS4 as well – a well documented feature that was missing at launch.

It will be interesting to see how much these classic games cost to buy from PSN and how it will work as an alternative to the already confirmed PlayStation Now streaming service.

How much would you be willing to pay to play Crash Bandicoot on PS4 with your friends, as an example?

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  • Greeb0

    “You’ll also notice that Sony looks finally ready to give consumers the
    highly requested 3D Blu-Ray player support on the PS4 as well”

    I REALLY hope that is the case… not sure why they can’t officially announce it though.

  • PlaystationGamer

    Finally, we can play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on the ps4 with 1080p. YES!!! But does we need to reject our PS3? Seems that the PS4 had gone too godly, I guess. To me, I’ll get other playstation games that are available on the PSN In my PS3 (I’ll get Last of Us for the PS4). Other games that are not downloadable on the PSN I’ll get them on the PS4 like King’s Field, Castlevania, Jade Cocoon, etc. I’ll also get Resonance of Fate and that other JRPG that looked better on the Xbox 360 for the PS4. The PS4 makes the best graphics than the X1 and X360.

  • Gemelos1208

    Sony needs to stop saying things like “Were not going to make a new games sequels like DmS 2 or Crash even though it will probably save the PS4.” I mean, come on. I love Sony and all, but 1)Sony needs to make more good looking exclusives, 2)Sony needs to put more entertainment on the PS4, 3)Sony needs to stop announcing Japan-only exclusives, and 4)Sony needs to stop saying “No” to the game sequels we want on the PS4. If Sony fix this problems, then the PS4 wonned the console wars against X1.