COD Ghosts Gold Edition value or not?

Just when you thought that we could be seeing a Call of Duty 2014 game announcement in the coming weeks, it looks like Activision still has plans to squeeze every last drop out of COD Ghosts. We’ve spotted that another edition is coming, the COD Ghosts Gold Edition which will come with a few extras compared to the launch version.

This version is actually available to buy right now, suggesting that Activision has offered this new version without any of the usual fanfare that we often associate with new COD releases.

We can tell you that COD Ghosts Gold Edition will include the full game along with the Onslaught DLC map pack – the first pack to release. On top of this, you’ll also get the Wolf DLC skin which will attach to your guard dog killstreak.

While this sounds like a nice bundle, some of you may not be willing to pay full price for it as it still costs $59.99 to buy. If Activision were to perhaps throw in Devastation as well, gamers may be more interested in this but for $60 some of you may think that it isn’t worth it.

Then again, Onslaught is $14.99 by itself and the Wolf DLC if we remember was a $3 add-on, so it is not too bad in actual fact. Let us know if you are willing to pick up the COD Ghosts Gold Edition, or if you will wait for news on COD 2014 instead.



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