COD Ghosts Double XP Weekend for March 2014

We have a heads-up for all Call of Duty Ghosts players on all platforms. Activision and Infinity Ward have announced a new COD Ghosts Double XP Weekend for March 2014, in celebration of the 2014 Call of Duty Championship.

It’s great to see that this isn’t just for Xbox players. If you have a PS3, PS4 or PC version of COD Ghosts you’ll be able to enjoy Double XP too. It starts this Friday on March 28 and will run through until Monday March 31st.

If you have been looking to reach the next prestige level in the game, you should definitely jump onto the game this weekend and take advantage of the double XP that is available across all game modes.

Those who are experts at the game can also tune into the COD Championships, which will be broadcast live on this Friday at 9am Pacific Time. You can also tune in directly on your Xbox 360 or Xbox One by downloading the MLG app on your console to make it easier.

So there we have it. You may have noticed a drop in server numbers recently, but you can bet that participation will be high this coming weekend.

Do you still have the urge to play Call of Duty multiplayer now, or not so much any more?



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