Amazon send invites for set-top box launch

Amazon has sent out invites for the launch of its set-top box, which is to take place in New York on April 2, 2014. While Amazon has not directly said that it is for the rumored media device, they have said that it is to talk about their video streaming content side of the business.

However, it is highly likely that the set-top box will be unveiled as well, which is just another way to help expand Amazon’s video portfolio. We are not certain what they will call the device, but if rumors about it being controlled by the Kindle Fire are true, then this could be called Amazon Kindle TV?

We also expect to see a separate controller for the new TV box, although we cannot see this being used as much, especially if Amazon wishes to make the two devices seamless.

It’s not certain what else Amazon will discuss at the event, but there could also be talk about a gaming device. We recently reported that this was going to be more like Google’s Chromecast dongle, in looks anyway. However, it’s not certain how much truth there was to the rumor.

There is always the possibility that Amazon could launch a set-top box next week that also has gaming abilities.

Amazon has been very eager to get into the TV set-top box market seeing how lucrative the industry has become. Apple had started off with it being just a hobby, but now the Apple TV has proved far more popular than they could have imagined.



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