PlayStation Plus April 2014 update for PS4

Earlier this week we asked you for your hopes for the highly anticipated PlayStation Plus April 2014 update. We received some great feedback from you as you told us the games you wanted. However, now it looks like we have found out what the PS Plus April free game will be for PS4 users.

We told you that we would like to see games such as Injustice or Rayman as the free game for April, but as many of you had expected, Sony will instead offer another indie game.

Although still not confirmed 100% for US and UK yet, it is looking very likely that the free game is going to be Mercenary Kings. This is a kickstarter-funded, 2D arcade style shooter developed by Tribute Games, the same team that brought us Scott Pilgrim Vs the World.

If you have ever played Metal Slug before, we can tell you that the gameplay is very similar. You’ll go around trying to rescue hostages and completing certain tasks – gaining access to cool new weapons and items as you get further in the game.

Mercenary Kings has already been confirmed for the Asia PS Plus April 2014 update, so we expect to hear a confirmation on the PS Plus US and UK April 2014 update as well – with Mercenary Kings as the free game. Remember that this is the exact same way in which Dead Nation was leaked early, as it was first revealed via the Asia PS Plus before being confirmed soon after for US and Europe.

While Mercenary Kings isn’t the massive game that some of you were after, it definitely isn’t a bad choice. In fact we have already seen a lot of demand to see this game on PS4 and a few of you even hoped to see Mercenary Kings as the April free game in our earlier article this week – so you guessed correctly!

Give us your reaction to Mercenary Kings as the PlayStation Plus April 2014 update free game. Are you happy with this decision or not?



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