Avengers Alliance Dr Doom, Sabretooth E-Iso rumor

There is plenty to do in Avengers Alliance at the moment, with developers Playdom releasing new content this week allowing players to unlock Asgardian Volstagg. Season 2 Chapter 4 is still new to players as well, and we have some information that may be of interest to those looking for the Chapter 4 Dr Doom, Sabretooth and Moonstone Heroic Battles.

If you have been keeping up to date with the latest patch notes for the game, you may have noticed that the developers initially promised that the Heroic battles for the three characters above were coming.

However, they are not anywhere to be seen in the new Chapter meaning that they should instead be coming at a later date. As far as we’re aware though, they were originally planned to release with Chapter 4 as the information on the E-Isos are apparently already available online.

We can tell you what we have seen, starting with Dr Doom. His E-Iso once released could be called Unbreakable and grant him an immunity to stun and exhaustion – permanently.

Sabretooth on the other hand has a very interesting E-Iso too, called Frenzied which may allow him to gain Frenzy at the start of the battle, but cannot survive being knocked out when his health reaches 0. This is different to his standard form, which allows him to revive and then gain two turns per round with Frenzy – with the iso equipped, this could make him a very popular character once again.

Finally we could have details on Moonstone’s Heroic Battle too. Her E-Iso is thought to be called Analyzing and could allow her to counter attacks from enemies with Cower, Distracted, Disorientated, Intimidated or Shell Shocked.

Again this is similar to her current passive ability which allows her to put these statuses on enemies before they attack. Having his new E-Iso on her, along with Snappy Service to make Gravity Well a quick-action could make her very useful indeed in PVP.

So there we have it. It’s not a confirmation yet but a good indication of what these new E-Isos could be when they finally arrive. Give us your thoughts on them and whether you agree that it could be very beneficial to the likes of Sabretooth and Moonstone with regards to future PVP seasons.



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