Battlefield 4 Naval Strike PC release date delayed

By Alan Ng - Mar 25, 2014

We have some breaking and disappointing news to bring to Battlefield 4 players on PC now. With just hours remaining until the Naval Strike release time countdown, DICE has suddenly decided to delay the PC version of the expansion after discovering a problem that needs immediate attention.

DICE hasn’t said what the issue is and there is obvious frustration in the air that this has come so soon to the release, especially with console versions unaffected.

At the time of writing, there is no revised Battlefield 4 Naval Strike release day on PC either, as DICE states they will share this information at a later stage.

We’ve already seen feedback from those who are questioning whether the game has been tested properly. However, we think most will agree with us in saying that this is the correct option to take if there has been a serious bug spotted.

It would be a worse situation on our hands if DICE were to release the PC version as planned and then have it basically cause a new wave of Battlefield 4 crashes.

Give us your reaction to the delay and any possible theories you have on what could have gone wrong. We’ll give you an update on when we know more details.

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  • Disappointed BF4 fan

    Sim City, Medal of Honor Warfighter, BF4. EA have established a reputation for failing on delivery that they need to address, for their financial benefit, and for the benefit of fans whose favourite franchises are broken or cancelled as a result.

    EA – “it’s in the game” (just not on release date)

  • Jemil

    I seen that my comment was pending so. Like I said… Fix ur fu**ing game u scam artists sons of b**ches.

  • King Ruffian

    The game is falling apart. Literally it is levolution !