PS Plus update for April 2014 hopes

By Alan Ng - Mar 24, 2014

Have you been having a good time with Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition on PS4? The game was free as part of February’s PS Plus update, but now excitement is brewing on what Sony could possibly offer gamers with the highly anticipated PS Plus April 2014 update.

Sony has gained massive respect for their PS Plus platform and it’s a service that the majority of gamers have no problems paying for at all. Eyebrows were naturally raised when it was revealed that PS4 online multiplayer would be a paid-for service like Xbox Live, but those doubts have been alleviated completely after gamers realized the sheer amount of extra content that PS Plus offers.

With the Dead Nation offer coming to a close, Sony will give gamers another free game for the April PS Plus update. There are no clues yet on what game it could be, but we have a feeling it may not be a major game this time around.

After all, Sony cannot give away their best titles for free each month, so there has to be some kind of balance. Outlast was already a surprise in our opinion, so we do think Sony are due a break of some sort. Having said that, gamers will still expect something good after Dead Nation.

We are obviously not going to see Infamous: Second Son free for a long time via PS Plus, so what other potential candidates could it be? What about Injustice Gods Amung Us: Ultimate Edition, or Rayman Legends? Both games would fit the bill as a ‘major’ title and both games would be deemed as a good decision in terms of the free game for PS Plus.

As we await Sony’s decision, let us know your thoughts on the upcoming PS Plus update for April. Simply tell us 1) what you think the game will be and 2) What you personally would like the game to be.

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  • p

    Child of Light !

  • Ryan McFarlane

    I think it’ll be Mercenary Kings for PS4. It’s been confirmed in Asia. I really want to play it! 😀

  • Ahmed

    Batman Arkham Origins on PS3 🙂

  • Ubefunkey

    I think it will be octodad dadliest catch

  • sportskidb11

    You guys are nuts to think it would be knack metal gear solid bf4 kzsf that’s just ridiculous that will not happen for a very long time like one person said it will probably be a old PC game or a f2p game so honestly do not get your hopes up for any ps4 game title that is still being sold in stores that’s just a money lose idea but w.e it is I’m happy with it cause regardless I only paid 10 bucks for a game and a month of online multiplayer service

  • GoonieGooGoo4

    It’s going to be some PC PORT or F2P game…….Sony can’t afford yet to put true disc-based titles up as freebies given that the PS4 Library has not grown much since launch.

  • Josh101

    I think it’s going to be Knack. They had an exclusive bundle for just about every launch in every major market as well as Japan’s recent launch. They had guaranteed sales from this alone. I think it would be a part of the contract for that exclusivity deal that Knack would be one of the first AAA games released as PS+.

    • Ahmed

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO make it BF4 or Killzone pleasee I just bought Knack

      • Josh101

        I’m just speculating. It may not be the case. I’m just saying it seems very likely. That’s what I would do to make a developer feel better about putting their AAA title on PS+ soo soon after launch. They got guaranteed sales with launch bundles, soo they got a good chunk of money out of it being mandatory with the bundle. Only fair that you offer the game for free since that’s the case. Battlefield 4 and Killzone are still selling good chunks, I see that as less of an option.

        • Ahmed

          I was made to choose 1 of 4 games to buy when the PS4 came out.. AC4, BF4, Killzone, and Knack… I choosed Knack hoping that I can get one of the other rest games as a free title in PS+ soon… but how does BF4 still making good selling? though it was on ps3.. so already some people bought it.. and after PS4 came out much people bought it and upgraded PS3 version to PS4, so I don’t think that it is still selling good as Killzone (exclusive for PS4), maybe it can be like AC4…

        • Josh101

          I didn’t think of bundles like that. I know in Japan for example, you could ONLY get a Knack bundle at first. Soo you have a good point. I would look at it this way then, Battlefield is much more known and has more “clout” then say Knack. I would assume they would get more sales just from brand recognition over Knack. Just my opinion.

        • Ahmed

          oh well, I hope we get a decent game in PS4 anyways… btw I have a question.. didn’t they say that we are going to get Driver Club as a free game for PS4?

        • Josh101

          Yeah I think they did. But a stripped down version I believe. If you want the full game, might as well just purchase it at a regular store.

        • Ahmed

          maybe its going to be Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

  • Martin Sloey

    I say give us Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero because its basically a 2 hour tutorial for Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. The best games came free anyways without PS Plus. I don’t know give us something good for a change i am depressed looking at what is free on PS Plus for PS3 and i sold mine ha. Bad move.

  • billywhizz1062

    Gotta remember that the new trails comes out this april… hopefully that will be the free game this month, either way im gunna get it 😀

  • joe

    It’ll be a game called secret ponchos, can guarantee it

    • Hoops

      The European PlayStation blog manager, Fred Dutton, has already announced that it will NOT be Secret Ponchos this month.

  • Dale

    So this “article” is about how we don’t know what’s coming in April. Great reporting.

  • Joao

    for ps3… god of war ascension. for ps4 I dont now. Ate least 10 to 12 months after the game release. ascension was released in early 2013..

  • Ahmed

    killzone or BF4 would a terrible shock to xbox fans…
    on ps3 i hope they give us batman arkham origins 🙂

    • Philip J. Fry

      We all know that sales for Batman: AO are pretty much done so they may as well do it.

      • Ahmed

        just hopefully… they released the only Batman version I got!

  • McCoy

    octodad was just delayed from the end of march to the very beginning of april…. im putting all of my chips on the table and saying octodad…. it would also be freking amazing

  • Mr

    Metall gear considering it is cheap and short.

  • Dude1

    I have a feeling it will be Strike Suit Zero, or Octodad.

    • stavrami

      not octodad young horses have said there better off not doing it as its in demand

  • DigitalZephyr

    My guess is going to be Fez. It had it’s chance to make money so it really is a last minute cash in by Fez (I’m sure Sony had to pay for the rights to release on PS+). Not a game I particularly am looking forward to but will play since I have not yet.

    • Ryan N

      That would be a really crappy move, considering they just put it on the Spring Sale this week..

      .. not like Sony’s never done that before, though.

  • Levi

    I’m hoping for Last of Us

    • oliver

      thats a ps3 game…

      • Philip J. Fry

        So? I still have my PS3 even though I got a PS4 and I never played that game, it simply came out too close to the PS4 launch for me to be interested at the time. Not that I couldn’t afford it, I just didn’t want to invest into an older system when I’d want to dedicate time to the new one.

  • Boucho

    I think we might see Need For Speed. We haven’t had a racing game and they know everyone is kicking off over Driveclub so this might quench the thirst for a while. Also it’s just been on a major sale on PSN. I’m not that fussed on MK but at least it would be a AAA game.

    Wouldn’t mind Rayman either

  • ArseneWenger30

    I really hope it’s Mercenary Kings and not Secret Ponchos or Octodad. I also have a bad feeling that they are going to be putting knack on there at some point. That’s brilliant for people that have not played it, because it’s a good game,but bad for me because I have got the Platinum for it.

    Could be asking for a little too much,but I wouldn’t mind Tomb Raider. 🙂

    • meestajones

      Tomb raider was one of the free games for ps3 this month

  • Robert Colon

    i would deffinately like a game like Knack or Battlefield 4, I would also like to see Styder. So far the games they have released do not interest me as much. However, Playstation definately treats its customer way better than XB Live does.

  • Mirabeau23

    For me, the PS4 Plus games have been all about variety. Resogun, Contrast, Don’t Starve, Outlast and Dead Nation are all very different in terms of the gameplay. I hope Sony continues with this trend. I’ve heard Secret Ponchos and Mercenary Kings touted, SP looks very similar to Dead Nation, so I hope they don’t go with that. MK looks like it could be a lot of fun, and different – so that’s the game I think we’ll see.

    Sony did say that Driveclub (not the full game) would be launched on PS Plus, that would be the game I would personally like to see.

    • Justtellingit

      The devs of Driveclub recently stated that they were going “Back to the drawing board” with that game. I wouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon.

  • Allan

    PS4 needs a decent ps plus download, none of these indie games

    • Broyo

      I know, I’m sick of these Atari games!

    • xShadow215

      Outlast IS decent….

  • blackcravin

    bring bo2 to ps4 for free download

    • NgTurbo

      Black Ops 2 on PS4, for free? would be nice !

    • lee pain

      god no…bf3

  • John

    There won’t be a major title until the end of the year. For now there will only be indies.