PS Plus update for April 2014 hopes

Have you been having a good time with Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition on PS4? The game was free as part of February’s PS Plus update, but now excitement is brewing on what Sony could possibly offer gamers with the highly anticipated PS Plus April 2014 update.

Sony has gained massive respect for their PS Plus platform and it’s a service that the majority of gamers have no problems paying for at all. Eyebrows were naturally raised when it was revealed that PS4 online multiplayer would be a paid-for service like Xbox Live, but those doubts have been alleviated completely after gamers realized the sheer amount of extra content that PS Plus offers.

With the Dead Nation offer coming to a close, Sony will give gamers another free game for the April PS Plus update. There are no clues yet on what game it could be, but we have a feeling it may not be a major game this time around.

After all, Sony cannot give away their best titles for free each month, so there has to be some kind of balance. Outlast was already a surprise in our opinion, so we do think Sony are due a break of some sort. Having said that, gamers will still expect something good after Dead Nation.

We are obviously not going to see Infamous: Second Son free for a long time via PS Plus, so what other potential candidates could it be? What about Injustice Gods Amung Us: Ultimate Edition, or Rayman Legends? Both games would fit the bill as a ‘major’ title and both games would be deemed as a good decision in terms of the free game for PS Plus.

As we await Sony’s decision, let us know your thoughts on the upcoming PS Plus update for April. Simply tell us 1) what you think the game will be and 2) What you personally would like the game to be.



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