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Future Xbox One exclusive release via Japan

Microsoft has revealed that a future Xbox One exclusive game will be released via Japan, where developers are working on several projects. The Xbox One has still not been launched in Japan, unlike the PS4 which was unleashed a few weeks back. This Xbox One content creation in Japan could also signal the arrival of the long awaited console, which would be a double boost for Microsoft.

A new Japanese game studio is reportedly developing a title for the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has confirmed. The Xbox boss has announced that “an awesome Japanese studio” is going to release a unique and exclusive title on their next gen platform. The first look at this upcoming project will be at the Tokyo Game Show on September 18th, where a debut demonstration will take place.

Spencer continued by revealing that Microsoft’s E3 presence will be executive light this summer, this will not stop the company from delivering big Halo news however. Fans have been advised to stay tuned, as this new Japanese made game will be like nothing ever seen before. Spencer has raised the bar high now for Xbox One and its games, lets hope they will deliver this year.

What kind of unique and exclusive game would you like to see brought to the Xbox One, is the game platform lacking a certain title?



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