Xbox One Vs PS4 sales update after Titanfall

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2014

It is continuing to be an interesting sales battle between Microsoft and Sony with regards to their Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Both are proving to be extremely popular with gamers, but after Sony’s initial success it looks like Microsoft has received a massive boost thanks to the release of Titanfall.

We told you in a previous report that Titanfall has ‘saved’ Microsoft’s Xbox One sales. Now though, we have some more information to share thanks to the latest figures that have been recorded in the UK.

Microsoft has recently issued an Xbox One price cut in the UK and it looks like this has helped in the sales battle against the PS4. The general feeling at the moment is that the Sony PS4 is winning the battle and that this recent price cut has attempted to swing momentum back to Microsoft.

The well documented PS4 stock shortage hasn’t helped matters for Sony either, although once stock is fully back up to 100% this Summer we could see Sony move in for the kill.

Titanfall appears to have helped Microsoft sell many Xbox One consoles, but don’t forget that Sony could also announce similar success once the InFamous PS4 bundle buyers have been accounted for – presuming stock is still healthy of course.

Xbox One sales are thought to be 96% up at the moment, while Microsoft themselves have said that the battle against Sony is a ‘marathon, not a sprint’. The Xbox 360 proved to be the biggest seller against the PS3, but what will happen with next-gen now that Sony appears to have taken the lead?

Let us know if you have bought an Xbox One recently, and if you have had problems trying to locate PS4 stock in your area. Forgetting Titanfall for a second, have any of you bought an Xbox One simply due to the fact that you cannot buy a PS4 anywhere at the moment?

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  • PartyMarty

    I played on my mates X1 and loved it n was planning on getting one with Titanfall then the price drop and bundle here in the UK got announced so it was perfect!

    I’ve had my X1 for a few weeks now and its definately been worth my money 🙂

  • MeMyselfandI

    Titanfall rocks (just try it!)…..Sony sucks! (thanks for the canadian increase of 50$!….with no camera…!)…I mean add it up…450$ for the console…plus another 65 for the crappy camera (no kinect..just plain old webcam) and its more expensive than a ps4 ….but there is infamous…..tried it…..nothing new…..prototype with better graphics…but don’t worry you cheap sony losers…titanfall 2 has been announced across all consoles ( have fun in a year or two heheh!)…and enjoy the lags on playstation live….even now that you have to PAY for them….heheh again….you now there is a reason the rest of the company is failing…..!!!! 🙂 Xbox One!

    • Titanfail

      Don’t wanna know about a online only FPS from Re$pawn. They picked the wrong team (even though they should not have picked a team this early on in their development). So I hope you enjoy your console with 50% less power than the PS4. They can jam their sequel. Disappointing to miss out on that awesome storyand all that deep lore /s

  • Kaplan MacGuffin

    Pre-ordered a PS4 and an XBOX One when they were both announced. I was all Xbox the last two gens but frankly I cancelled my Xbox pre-order before Microsoft’s reversal of their policies last year. After that I have not looked back. The fact that Microsoft even tried to institute that stuff in the first place tells me that there is a good chance that once a certain number of consoles are sold they will subtly try and slip some of those policies back into place. A shame too, I was a bit of an Xbox fan boy but they told me (before their reversal) that if I did not like the new policies they had a console for me–it was called the 360. That to me was code for ” we don’d want you to buy or next gen console.” So I’ll hang on to my 2 Xbox 360’s (one I waited in line overnight for, on release day) and my PS4.

  • Franko81

    I really like my PS4. I buy what I like, and I’m not loyal to anything. I went from Atari > NES > SNES > PS1 > PS2 > Wii > 360 > now PS4/Wii U, and I’ve always had a gaming PC.

    Console wars are dumb. I personally did not like anything about the X1. Nothing. I was never a Halo fan, and I’m not buying a console based on a new IP anyway (Titanfall). That’s just me though. I have friends who bought an X1 and they love it. It just didn’t appeal to me, and I’m naturally skeptical of anything Microsoft does anyway (different reasons).

    Buy what looks funnest to you. If you can’t afford that, buy what you can afford. TBH, I’m playing my Wii U more than my PS4. DKC:TF, SM3DW, looking forward to Shovel Knight, too. It’s a good time to be a gamer.

  • sportskidb11

    This console war is nuts I like both consoles and I’ve always been a multi console player but Microsoft is nuts if they think titanfall is going to keep it up dude loom at the reviews for the game every where you go everyone talks about how its no where up the hype they made it to be i have titan fall on fb page and everyone comments puts the game to shame I’m surprise they haven’t deleted all the comments but hey who am i to judge i just play to have fun but I’m not going to go out and spend 450 just for one game i bought both consoles when they came out just because i wanted to see the difference myself in person and let me tell you the ps4 is much faster at everything loading downloading installing if I’m wrong look up the reviews on the xb1 and look at everyone talking about it taking so long for a game to install like really Microsoft you have a box that weights 10 pounds and a camera that almost weighs. The same and you guys cant speed up things baahaha its a joke my xb1 does alot of sitting around until i feel like walking in the living room and telling it to turn on and watch this channel JOKe

    • elwyn5150

      Please learn how to use punctuation.

      • sportskidb11

        Last time I recall this is not my college exam essay so here is your punctuation. Up yours!!!!

        • elwyn5150

          That’s better. See how when you use punctuation, you can make your ideas clear rather than a bunch of words strung together.

          Now, I’d say “stay in school” and “don’t do drugs” but it’s clearly too late for that.

        • sportskidb11

          The accuser is the user bud..

  • jos24

    xbox was is the and now have the best price to you pay $400 for ps4 you pay $450 for xbox one now but you get kinect and titanfall for free if you buy the eye on the ps4 you have to pay $40 more is $440 xbox have the best deal now

    • Matt

      Are you stupid? Xbox is 500$ you moron.

      • dingleberry

        They just released a $450 titanfall bundle deep face .

        • NorwaySpruce

          Deep face?

        • osgoodschlotter


  • ty1er_durden

    I have both and an extra nib ps4 I cant get rid of for the life of me. Ive put it on craigslist and ebay at $425 which is retail price in PA when you add in the sales tax. No bites at all.

  • G-Rod

    I have both, but my xbox one gets sooo much more play time… Infamous is out but it’s definitely not the game titanfall is

  • Chris SpeechOne Wilson

    Lol at you for saying the 360 beat ps3 sales last gen. I for one will buy titanfall on 360 and not waste $500 for a camera that is completely useless.

    • Mason Rieber

      Youre completely useless, good game

    • TheArchangelNexus

      Xbox One costs over 470$ to develop. After taxes the camera is free idiot. Math… Go to school for it please.

      • Chris SpeechOne Wilson

        I hope you know that if the kinect wasn’t apart of the console it would only cost $300 to make it. Get rid of the camera and I’ll buy it. Kinect is worthless. Also, do your math, the Xbox one costs $495 to manufacture. Go home, your drunk.

  • Donald Mckinney

    I personally love both systems I have both and I play them both about the same being able to play exclusive’s on both platforms is where it really is

  • David Fenton

    I went for the Xbox one due to this I had a ps3 and it needed a repair it was a brand new 6 month old ps3 slim got told that the problem wasn’t covered under warranty and I needed to pay £79.99p I asked what broke to be told it was the on board hard drive controler and it needed a hole new mother board I then said I’ll look this up found it should be covered and had trading standards send a letter getting pissed off and 8 month later I paid them and still didn’t get my PS 3 back not even to this day iv never seen it again since while all this had gone on I had a Xbox 360 the first black one with 120 gig hard drive from new never had a problem with it and till this day still works so went with what was best Sony just love money not customers

    • gtfo noob

      You’re an idiot. RROD GTFO.

    • QURebel

      For me it was the opposite my 360 got the three rings of death twice got the first slim ps3 when it first came out(250gb) and haven’t had a problem yet sometimes its just luck. My brother still has the original bulky ps3 (80gb) n those went through crazy problems in the beginning anyway got a ps4 now since i dont have cable and that being the only cool thing about a xbox one TO ME as im not a multiplayer only kinda gamer and motion tech isnt my thing either

    • elwyn5150

      You should have threaten to take them to small claims court. They’ll fold fast because it’s more expensive for them to hire expensive lawyers and drag the staff member’s responsible than to give you a new console.

      Instead you are left looking like an idiot with an underwhelming next gen console that will have no interesting exclusives again for awhile.

      • David Fenton

        Tell me again what the playstation is getting thats worth buying one for

        • elwyn5150

          I didn’t tell you anything about purchases so what’s with the “again”? Also, please learn to use punctuation. This problem seems to be a scourge on this page.

          I should not need to tell you this if you are an informed individual but…
          If you want to have games that are really enjoyable (popular success) AND critical success, there is Naughty Dog. ND have two development teams. One is working on the next Uncharted game. It is unknown what the other team is.

          The Order 1866 looks great.

    • David Fenton

      Lets look at facts sony has had kids work for free sony is scum sony have half the staff they did this time two years ago the wii u is out selling the ps4 4 to 1 in japan sony set to close 25% more sony stores by 2017 there has been more ps4 gone back due to some prob that soon it will have disco light for an prob i mean come on its got red blue and white light of death each with there own prob more games have been delayed cos sony just dont the money to keep going o and why are ps4 sales high if your dum you wont under stand your two times table 13 countrys the xbox one is sold in ps4 sold in 48 bigger market more sales ms alway do they sales in stages to help with demand and any probs in the mean time more to the point stop been sony sheep and be a wolf go pc or xbox one for gaming sony is dieing you will end up with worthless junk once there gone after all look at the dreamcast playstation is heading the same way

  • Chris Miller

    And Titanfall sales have not lived up to the hype as word about the extremely repetitive nature of the game, the poor graphics, and the terrible AI spreads. I bought Titanfall for PC and definitely have buyer’s remorse. I played for less than 10 hours and that was enough. And now early reports are that Infamous Second Son had over a million preorders and is selling very well. One final note, Black Light Retribution is gaining significant traction on the PS4 as several popular youtube personalities have called it out as the best first person shooter available. One of these personalities said that it’s so good on PS4 that it’s worth buying a PS4 just to play the game, which is free to play, by the way. I’m not sure if it’s the best fps, but it is an amazing game, and has the best map design of any fps, IMO.

    • Mason Rieber

      Shut it fanboy no one cares about your clearly bias opinion that goes against the actual facts…. pre orders mean nothing, who pre orders anymore really when you can buy quicker without preordering and standing in the pre order line…. or you know just get the game not at midnight release like the majority do…

      • FPSzzzzzzz

        I care. All but a few clearly M$ sponsored review sites have said Titanfall gets real old, real quick. Online only? Meh. With only 15 maps (which you almost get with far more complex franchises like BF4) and hardly any game modes make for a fairly boring game. It is basically CoD with Mechs sans a Single Player Campaign. And BTW, servers were hacked with aimbots on day according to reports. Re$pawn went for the cash over the quality platform here. Maybe if those two devs go run away crying again and set up another company, they may have a future. They have burnt the PS community before they even had a decent brand. They can jam any future release now. Just as Xboners would not want UC4 due to their not having any investment in the IP.
        Besides, another FPS is the last thing we need. What about an awesome RPG on next gen? Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition. These are the kind of games I like. And neither platform has one which sucks.

  • TheBossHimself

    I bought an xbox 1 and I love it! Only complaint I have is not a lot of games out for it yet…

  • sampson3121

    swing momentum back to Microsoft? i didn’t know the x1 had the momentum for it to swing back too? they failed to say that at the same time x1 sales were up 96% the ps4 sales were up76%, i wonder why they didn’t say ?

    • Mason Rieber

      They did say that and they also failed to mention the sales being up cannot directly be related to titanfall until the actual full figures are posted….not to mention youre still saying xbox one sales were up over 20% of the “more popular” console and excluding the fact the xbox one cost more… even the past weeks the ps4 outsold the xbox one MS was still generating more money and “revenue” from the systems so use your brain before you think one set of insignificant numbers matters… not to mention we dont know the actual numbers so that 20% more could be extremely significant

      • sampson3121

        here, ill use my brain..ready?
        6 million sales and counting=more games sold=more subscription sold=more hardware sold. so please stop! you sound foolish.

  • William Hartman

    I bought an Xbox One due to the fact I could not find PS4 anywhere at the time, and still can’t. I havent been entirely pleased with the purchase. Titanfall is fun, but not without alot of features missing/flaws. I have to power cycle the Xbox One every so often due to black screen bug or loss of Pins/store (though network settings say Im connected). Voice commands are annoyingly hit or miss, they seem to work maybe 1/3 of the time. The store and general,Xbox one interface do not even have basic features found on the 360. It is a mess. Sony had better get their act together though with production, especially before MS irons out these issues and big multiplatform games begin to hit., or people WILL buy what is available. The Xbox One has potential, just still needs a lot of fine tuning (and kinect software/games) that actually work and show what the darn thing was hyped to do in the first place.

    • Darryl Kensley

      You think thats bad? Wait till you get your hands on a PS4 😉

      • William Hartman

        I have heard voice commands are wonky on PS4 as well, but with the camera being separate and not part of the machine’s hyped functionality, that hasn’t deterred me. i do like PS+ though, and since I’m already a member I wanted to get in early for the games, but at least I’m not missing a heck of a lot YET… I am really hoping the Playstation Now/streaming service takes care of the backwards compatibility issue, to be perfectly honest. That is probably the biggest feature I’m following.

        • Marc Wallace

          They are not very good , not accurate at all. All the Troll comments make me laugh when they have no substance.

    • sampson3121

      don’t listen to Darryl, the ps4 works great! asked anyone and they will tell you.

      • Marc Wallace

        PS4 works great at what exactly? Spinning a Disc, Streaming Video, Connecting to a TV?

        All systems can do that, how about give me a AAA exclusive title worth playing. Still waiting for Uncharted 4 because Killzone was the same crap, Knack was not really worth mentioning and second Son is above average……none are system sellers.

        Titanfall sold Systems period…’s a fact, and numbers do not lie.

        So who is the Troll?

        Me the guy whom owns both and all titles released so far for both systems or you?

    • lubba

      bought a product just to complain to the internet community. Sell the Damb thing and be happy. And I’m sure you can find a bunch ps4 on eBay.

      • William Hartman

        Nice try ignorant troll. Crawl back under your rock. I buy all the consoles and various tech, because I enjoy trying it all out. Unlike you, I don’t have to beg mommy for the money, and I have no dumb blind allegiance to any company. When the PS4 is available in stores locally, I will buy one of them also.

        • Aaron

          I don’t have anywhere close to as much trouble as you are having with xbox one. Never had a black screen, and apps work great. Make sure you go thru the proper kinect setup process, and download the voice command tutorial app. That will help greatly.

          Btw, these new consoles are more PC like than ever before, so I occasionally do a hard reset. But it doesn’t take very much time or effort, so it’s no big deal to me. You shouldn’t have to do it constantly.

          Not saying you aren’t having problems, just trying to help.

        • William Hartman

          Thanks for the suggestions. I had done all of that back in Feb when I first got it. An update was available about 2 days after I bought it, and that caused frequent black screen issue. My Xbox One is on the top shelf of an entertainment stand, solid wood, so it isn’t too easy to unplug without pulling it out. Last update seemed to fix that issue, but now I get an occasional loss of Pins and Store, as well as the ads on the right side of the Home screen. The kinect has to be (for me, at least) dead center at the bottom of the TV and also at the front edge of the stand, which blocked or got in the way of other stuff. It was a few days of messing with it to make sure I had it just right, or it refused to work with Kinect Sports demo (and I have a very large room). The voice commands, though, work great at times, then just completely ignore me. Lately I have noticed minor improvement, but still issues which I’m sure they will work out. When MS does get it all working great, it will be a cool entertainment box, though. I love using voice to turn EVERYTHING on, well everything except the PS3…lol. It’s also nice to turn everything off with voice (TV, stereo, cable box, xbox) and just one command, basically. Those voice controls work the best for me, so far.

    • Mason Rieber

      Amazing because I havent experienced any shortages here except with the MS headset adapter…. not to mention voice commands are incredibly accurate and I have yet to run into these bugs youre claiming

      • TitanFail

        I have heard that the Kinnect often interprets Titanfall as Titanfail. Have you had this problem? Or is it more of a subjective judgement than it is a comprehension problem?

      • William Hartman

        sometimes while eating, the xbox will think I’m talking to it or waving my hand, and pause music, launch skype, etc. but willmthen not recognize me to remedy it…lol.. ,That is rare though. It is hilarious to my wife when it happens,,however. Once the cat jumped up on the couch, and it paused the tv feed. I havent had any issue with Titanfall, though…not one. Trying to close Plants vs Zombies and Peggle tho, put the xbox in black screen of semi-death once in a while until a recent patch (hasn’t happened now in a few weeks)

    • Dean

      I believe you William. My xbox voice commands are basically useless, it does have to be reset somewhat frequently and it’s enormous/ugly. That being said, I still prefer it to the ps4. I’m not a heavy gamer though and the xb1 just seems like a more all-around better system with more to do than the ps4.

      • William Hartman

        I like the value of PS+, but it isn’t there on the PS4 yet not enough to make me want to pay extra for a PS4 via ebay or whatever. I’m a fickle gamer nowadays, don’t play regularly. The xbox one sees constant use though because of the media functions. I’m glad to see differences like this between the consoles (even the Wii U and its controller, also have an Ouya, etc) as it’s not just all about “which one looks best”. Gives more incentive and reason to owning each. Only reason I sold the 360 was because the PS3/PS+ was offering way more for the money, and Kinect never worked right for my daughter. I guess because of her small, skinny frame it would lose her mid game, if it even ever saw her right in the first place. Very frustrating. So far tho, she loves Kinect Sports Rivals waveracing, and it works great with her so far, once we found the “perfect setup” for the camera. I would have passed on the One otherwise though, as I was looking more at PS+ at that time. I am glad I gave the Xbox One a chance, but also hope they fix it up to be everything it was hyped to be.

        • Marc Wallace

          What value of PS+ ? Loaned games that once you cancel your Plus membership you can no longer play? Games for Gold on Xbox requires a Gold account to download and that account owns the game forever even when it reverts back to a Silver account.

          Your voice command issues seem like your speakers are too close to the sensor or other people or things are talking/playing in the background. Mine works fine as well as the Kinect recognition which I have also heard others complain about which is also easily fixed by telling the One it did not recognize you good enough and it will rescan again keeping both scan which makes it better each time you do this for recognition.

          UI is basic but still way better than the PS4 and I own 2 Xbox One’s and 1 PS4.

          The only real issue I have had with the One has been the NAT settings which again they are aware and are trying to fix. It has to do with the “Xbox On” , once you shut it down NAT goes from Open to Strict. I have to hard shutdown One then reboot to correct this or else shut down the Power Save Funtion which stops me from getting updates manually.

        • William Hartman

          Sorry, but I completely disagree regarding Games for Gold/PS+. Games for Gold’s offerings have been horrible, imo. I have a hard drive full of games on the PS3 that I haven’t even had time to get to yet (I am not a “waste the day” gamer, my time is limited). Lots of great games, and more recent than anything Games for Gold has offered, by a long shot. Plus, if you have Xbox Live Silver, you lose the ability to play online and lose features of the console,,so that point of “keeping” them isn’t that big of a deal. As soon as you resubscribe to PS + those games are available again. To each their own on what they prefer, The PS4 doesnt have much to offer via PS+ right now, which helped me make the decision to get an Xbox One now, but Im sure it will pick up by fall. As it stands, there is no Games with Gold on Xbox One, and no idea when there will be. As for voice recognition, speakers have nothing to do with saying “Xbox…On” three or four times before it recognizes me and turns on,,when the sound system is off too (xbox one controls it). Sometimes it works on the first try. Other times, after repeated attempts. It has improved lately, bit not by that much. Still room for improvement. I still like the device though, I hope the kinect games work well for my daughter. I love Xbox Music (I am a subscriber). But the voice commands are a highly reported issue, its not some kind of lie or user error in all cases…lol.

    • Car Audio-Outlet

      “Titanfall is fun, but not without alot of features missing”
      Don’t forget there is a year’s worth of content to come including more maps and game modes.