Xbox One Vs PS4 sales update after Titanfall

It is continuing to be an interesting sales battle between Microsoft and Sony with regards to their Xbox One and PS4 consoles. Both are proving to be extremely popular with gamers, but after Sony’s initial success it looks like Microsoft has received a massive boost thanks to the release of Titanfall.

We told you in a previous report that Titanfall has ‘saved’ Microsoft’s Xbox One sales. Now though, we have some more information to share thanks to the latest figures that have been recorded in the UK.

Microsoft has recently issued an Xbox One price cut in the UK and it looks like this has helped in the sales battle against the PS4. The general feeling at the moment is that the Sony PS4 is winning the battle and that this recent price cut has attempted to swing momentum back to Microsoft.

The well documented PS4 stock shortage hasn’t helped matters for Sony either, although once stock is fully back up to 100% this Summer we could see Sony move in for the kill.

Titanfall appears to have helped Microsoft sell many Xbox One consoles, but don’t forget that Sony could also announce similar success once the InFamous PS4 bundle buyers have been accounted for – presuming stock is still healthy of course.

Xbox One sales are thought to be 96% up at the moment, while Microsoft themselves have said that the battle against Sony is a ‘marathon, not a sprint’. The Xbox 360 proved to be the biggest seller against the PS3, but what will happen with next-gen now that Sony appears to have taken the lead?

Let us know if you have bought an Xbox One recently, and if you have had problems trying to locate PS4 stock in your area. Forgetting Titanfall for a second, have any of you bought an Xbox One simply due to the fact that you cannot buy a PS4 anywhere at the moment?



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