Pokemon X and Y Volcanion event making fans sweat

By Alan Ng - Mar 23, 2014

If you have been playing Pokemon X and Y regularly over the last few months, you may be starting to wonder what has happened to the planned Pokemon X and Y Volcanion event. We know that the leaked Pokemon is on the way thanks to the fact that Diancie is coming, but so far Game Freak and Nintendo are remaining tight lipped on when the exact release will happen.

We know that Volcanion is coming, as he was originally part of the three leaked Pokemon with Hoopa and Diancie. Diancie has already been given a trailer and official leak, and of course – Diancie will star as one of the main highlights of the new Pokemon movie in Japan.

That means that Volcanion is definitely real and we even know what its shiny appearance will be, as you can see in the image above – an image that was once again revealed early by infamous hacker Smealum.

Just to remind you though, it has been almost 7 months since we first had the Volcanion leak along with Hoopa and Diancie in October 2013.

Volcanion is going to be the #720 entry on the Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, while there’s some strong rumors that Volcanion’s location in Pokemon X and Y is linked to the power plant mystery in the game which still remains one of the unsolved Pokemon X and Y secrets.

Considering that Diancie is still not out yet officially, how long do you think it will be until we finally have a confirmation of Volcanion? How long are you willing to hold out for the Fire and Water type Pokemon?

It seems like we already know most details about Volcanion, we just need Game Freak to go and give us a Volcanion release date. Will we find out details on Steam Eruption, the Plant Key and Volcanion’s shiny form soon?

Let us know your thoughts on the wait for this leaked Pokemon. Do you also have a feeling that Volcanion will end up as one of the strongest Pokemon in X and Y?

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  • mrtroll

    that picture is old
    just like my grandma

  • BarcaBoy109

    I think Volcanion willl be strong, but not the best

    • Garnium

      Well Fire/Water type is still pretty cool.

  • awesome

    dinice sucks

    • X Y specialist


    • Shawn Hancock

      She sucks? She’s not even out yet. The least you can do is give her a chance.

      • I actually own diancie

        poke hackers already have diancie!
        i have a box full of lvl 100 diancies!
        diancie’s only good moves are moonblast and diamond storm.
        All her other moves aren’t any good, and you can’t really find a good HM or TM to use on her.

        • Shawn Hancock

          Yeah and you own her from her hacking. Cool story bro.